Webinar: Smartphone Policy Writing
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Webinar: Smartphone
Policy Updates
By Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz
How To Update Your
Smartphone Policy
3 New Laws Completely Change Your Policy

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New Expert Policy Strategies Not Taught By
Your Attorney, Associations or Other Programs
Mark Fiedelholtz
Your Instructor is Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz
  • Why Riley v. California is so important
  • 3 reasons most policies fail in court
  • Smartphone public record policies
  • 2 recording policies you must have
  • Tight policies on texting
  • Smartphone harassment policies
  • Policies on apps
  • And much more
"I not only learned how much I didn't know, but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong."
     - Louis Carnell, Administrator, Tampa, FL
New Laws Completely Change How You Write Your Policy
It's Time To Debunk 3 Myths
  • Recent Supreme Court decisions warn against copying policy templates
  • New laws create policy gaps that warrant review by a media law specialist
  • You policies must add a media law perspective, not just employment law warnings
"Great program. Discussing the hidden policy liabilities
other programs overlook saves your image and big legal fees."
-Cindy Reid, Attorney, Davidson, NC

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