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Vol. 5, Issue 2 (May 12/16)
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What does WPH believe?

Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

Find up-to-date labour market information in WPH's latest Hamilton Labour Force Snapshot!

tiny-business-people.jpg The Hamilton Labour Force Snapshot for April 2016 shows positive signs of growth in Hamilton's labour market.

Hamilton CMA (which includes Burlington, Grimsby and Hamilton) featured an unemployment rate which is on the decline. In April the rate was 5.4 and in January 2016, it was 6.4%.

Other good news: There were 4,000 more people employed in April 2016, than in January 2016.

Hamilton CMA's unemployment rate continues to remain lower than that of Canada and Ontario.

An update on the Living Wage Campaign in Hamilton

Workforce Planning Hamilton is a strong supporter of the campaign for the Living Wage in Hamilton. 

Judy Travis, WPH Executive Director, is the working group chair  on the Living Wage Working Group. For 10 years the Working Group, a coalition of academic, social service and business agencies, has been arguing for a wage based on what it actually costs to live in Hamilton, rather than the political compromise number of the provincial minimum wage.

Five years ago the group calculated that wage was $14.95 an hour. Now, after a cumulative cost of living increase of seven per cent, they say it should be  between $16 and $17 an hour.

A recent report indicates that women entrepreneurs embrace risk differently

Female entrepreneurs take "rational" risks, the study shows, but are less likely than men to seek or get bank financing.

The myth that women entrepreneurs are risk averse continues to stand in their way of getting financing to help their businesses grow, a major new study concludes.

Women entrepreneurs also said they want more than just a loan from their bank, according to A Force to Reckon With: Women Entrepreneurship and Risk.
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