September 2020

You work too hard to let your profits be lost to mistakes, inaccuracies and neglect. Here are common "profit leaks" that contractors forget.

If your gut tells you it will be a problem project, don't take it. Your experience and intuition mean a lot. If the project seems risky or if the customer seems flaky, go somewhere else. Know what makes a "green light customer" - the ones who seek your professional advice, don't ask for price cuts, and who pay on time. When a customer doesn't fit, don't take on a loser. 

Stop doing work for free. Avoid being the "nice guy" who forgets to write down and bill for all of the extras you do for clients. Those extra trips to the site, change orders and freebies add up to additional hours and costs for materials that can really be a drag on your bottom line.

Fix quality problems that cause call-backs. Track warranty calls and causes so you can address field mistakes that lead to warranty work. Costly problems repeat when workers lack training or cut corners. Track down and eliminate root causes.
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Employee Appreciation is Needed Now More Than Ever!
Keeping Your Team Motivated in a COVID Era   
Landscape employees crave appreciation more than money, say experts. 
Because showing appreciation for your employees' good work is harder with all of the stresses of COVID-19, you need to make a special effort to make it happen.   
Some of the traditional ways to reward employees -say with a buffet lunch, don't work as well now.   Get creative with new ways like packaged snacks, gift cards or a chance to go home early with pay.   Do consider asking your team for their reward preferences.   
A hearty "thank you" and verbal appreciation can make a big difference - and costs nothing.  Make it powerful by making it specific to the individual:  "Sergio, your effort getting that project finished helped us keep the customer happy" has a greater impact than "Great job, team."  Try to "spread the love" with specific instances with several team members.  Even those not named feel good that one of their co-workers was praised.  Often they'll display extra effort to try to gain similar praise.      
Because "appreciation" doesn't have to be completed by a certain deadline, it often gets overlooked.  Don't wait for "employee appreciation day".  Go ahead and put it on your schedule - and reap the benefits!    
How to Gather More GREAT Reviews for Your Business      

Consumers are strongly influenced by on-line reviews. When customers search on-line for landscape professionals, Google makes it easy for them to each company's review score and to dive in to read candid reviews.
Sometimes customers take out their frustrations by posting bad reviews. And once you have a bad review, it's hard to make it go away.  "The fastest growing part of my work with top landscapers is helping them correct bad reviews and gather more good reviews to improve their ranking" said industry consultant Jeff Carowitz.
It's a misconception that asking for more reviews will gather bad ones. Most often when we approach customers, it's the happy ones who take the time to write a review.
How do you grow your list of positive ratings and reviews?  Don't rely on just one approach. Do a mix of these things:
Be worthy of a great review. Deliver an experience that stands out from what's expected. Carowitz notes two items that consistently boost review scores: 1) the technician taking time to slow down and answer clients questions (and asking if they have more) and 2) automated messages to the client that confirm appointments and let clients know when the technician is on the way.
Have the technician leave a card with the customer requesting a review. The card should provide encouragement and instructions on how to gather the review.
Provide a means for the customer to easily click to complete a review. Modern software like ServiceTitan provides a follow-up method to collect reviews automatically. Contractors using this software see a 200-300% increase in review rates.
Go back to past customers.  Reach out to past clients and ask them to review you. This can also trigger them to order new services.
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We Have The Tools Every Irrigation Contractor Needs   

There are few things worse than finding yourself on a jobsite without the proper tools. Issues can arise at any time, no matter how straightforward your install or repair might seem! Below are highlights of tools every Irrigation Contractor should never be caught without:
Efficiency is key, and holding up a spray head with one hand while making a repair with the other can be as ineffective as it is frustrating. The Spray-Loc tool allows you to quickly lock a spray head in place while cleaning the nozzle, making replacements and any other adjustments. The Spray-Loc comes with 5 same-size tools per ring.
The SwitchBlade PRO Cutters are a must have on every job site. The SwitchBlade PRO is available in two models with two blade sizes of 1½" and 2". The blades are PTFE coated providing a clean cut every time. Both are equipped with a Quick Release Blade Button for the fastest blade swap on the market.  
New to the market are King Innovation's PTFE Ratchet Cutters that come in 1¼" and 2" sizes to cut SCH40 and Class PVC. The 1¼" Cutter cuts through PVC Pipe 33% EASIER than Stainless Steel Blades! The 2" Cutter cuts through PVC Pipe 78% EASIER than Stainless Steel Blades! Both King ratchet cutter sizes feature a durable cast aluminum body and have a pointed blade for ease of cutting.
Save time and money during all on-site irrigation controller installations, troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs with the Wire Marking System from King Innovation. The Wire Marking System features 0-9 separate marker numbers that are easy to feed and tear off. Made from a non-smearing material that also resists moisture, dirt and oil.
Take advantage of convenient on-line payments for your North South Supply account. 
Focus on your customers and not preparing checks and stuffing envelopes.  Make your next payments with a click of a mouse on our new payment website:
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Planning a 2-Wire Decoder Installation?
We're the Experts!
We can provide the right wire, grounding supplies and splices   

Introduced in the 1960's, 2-wire decoder systems have been part of the golf industry for decades. In recent years, several manufacturers have introduced 2-wire systems for commercial and park sites. They offer simplified installation and a dramatic reduction in the amount of wire needed.

With decoder systems, failure to follow  correct wiring and splicing procedures is often a cause of premature failure. Use the wiring specifications provided by the manufacturer and select a cable that is compatible with their equipment.

It is never advised to use leftover wire from one project with another brand of system. Nor will it work to substitute plain wire for the specialized cable required for reliable communication within the system. There are many cases where the contractor had to go back and install the correct cable to make the system work properly.

We work closely with Regency Wire and Cable to provide you with manufacturer-approved wire, grounding equipment (plates, rods and grounding material) and 3M brand splices commonly required for your decoder project. Rely on us to get you the materials to make it work right! 

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