"Most Organizations Don't Realize Their Model Social Media Policies Contain Hidden Gaps Until They
Are Tested In Court."

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The U.S. Supreme Court Classifies Social Media As A "HIgh Liability" Topic. You Can't Just Hand Out A Boilerplate Social Media Policy, You Must Enforce The Policy With Expert Employee Social Media Liability Training...
Includes 30 Minute Phone Conference With
Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz

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What My Powerful New Policy Program Targets
  • Specific guidelines on policy language that wins over a judge and jury.
  • How to prioritize the policy issues to create a tight infrastructure that judges like.
  • How to write First Amendment language that holds up in court.
  • Key legal issues that most non-experts overlook and insulate your policy
  • Policy drafting strategies that are time-tested based on 30+ years of experience
  • Other policy drafting techniques that support your motion to dismiss the a lawsuit.
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Use Our Specialized Online Employee Training Course To Enforce Your Social Media Policy
Your social media policy isn't worth the paper it's written on without proof that the policy was enforced with expert social media liability training for all employees.
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Includes 30 Minute Phone Conference With
Social Media Attorney Fielholtz

Limited Time Price Of $197

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