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Invest in Artwork & Save 15% on This Painting

"My Refuge, My Fortress" 36" x 36" oil on wood panel © by Rachael McCampbell

Why is artwork a good investment?

Some of you may have a little extra cash in your pocket thanks to a tax refund. Here are a few reasons why you should consider spending it on artwork:

  1. Art is an heirloom. It comes with a story than can be passed down from generation to generation.
  2. Art provides personal enjoyment. It's one of the most creative forms of investment because it relies entirely on your unique preferences and the kind of imagery that inspires you.
  3. Art won't disappear overnight. Once you buy a piece of artwork, it will add beauty and joy to your home for as long as you want it there.

Whether you decide to buy art from me or another artist you follow, you can't go wrong investing in artwork!

If you're interested in my artwork though... keep reading.


Save 15% off one of my landscape paintings until the

end of the month.

Right now, I'm offering a discount on the pictured painting: "My Refuge, My Fortress" 36" x 36" oil on wood panel. $6,000 NOW $5,100

Get a Closer Look

This is a painting of a classic Southern barn in Leiper's Fork, TN on Old Highway 96. I love the creek that runs next to this barn and have painted it several times. The light changes constantly and at times the clouds can be very dramatic.

One afternoon I was walking home when I saw this scene at dusk. The clouds were huge monolithic shapes that towered over the landscape. The light was flat with a rose colored glow that covered everything. I stopped and stared at the barn--I was deeply moved and thought, "Don't forget this!"

Respond to this email to claim this piece or if you have any questions! I'd love for you to have this painting in your home.

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