Why The Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Verdict Should Make You Very Nervous About Your Social Media Policy And Training...

4 Case Takeaways

  • Despite having hundreds of in-house lawyers, Los Angeles County didn't have a social media attorney specialist like me to close gaps in their electronic communication policies, it cost them $31 Million Dollars and a loss of public trust.

  • Los Angeles County had no documentation that all employees received my type of expert social media liability training to reinforce their social media policy, it cost them $31 Million dollars and hurt their public image.

  • Even if there is no evidence that an employee's harmful social media content has been widely disseminated to the public, jury damage awards will include the possibility of harmful content going viral in the future.

  • Employees who send harmful posts on social media networks will be sued individually. They will pay out of pocket for big legal damages that wipe out their life savings.

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