3 Spring Updates and 1 Major Sale

Rain, rain, go away... please don't come back another day.
As we are dreaming, hoping, praying for spring to arrive, we're making plans for some spring cleaning. Well, not exactly cleaning. Maybe we should call it a spring refresh.
As a rule of thumb, your overall decorating scheme should last about a decade. But this isn't like buying a mattress, where you bring it home, revel in the comfort, and then forget about it until you wake up with a backache. A few small updates every year can keep your home stylish and current.
Here are our favorite 3 tips to refresh your home for spring:

  1. Change the furniture arrangement. Our starting point is always to determine the focal point in the room and where to place the sofa, bed, or dining table. Many rooms accommodate a few different arrangements. It's kinda like parting your hair on the side or in the middle: it's not permanent, and you can try it without committing.

  2. Paint the walls. Changing the wall color can be subtle or dramatic, and it's a relatively easy and inexpensive update. A word of caution here: the number of paint colors available seems almost limitless. However, without starting from scratch, the options that will work in your home are defined by the hard surfaces and furnishings. While white walls are all the rage right now, not every home can pull this off. It's like bangs, right? You know what we're saying.

  3. Replace decorative pillows, accessories, and/or art. If you've ever seen our warehouse, you know our affinity for/obsession with decorative pillows. We use them to layer in style and color. The artful mix of size, pattern, and texture can result in a swoon-worthy room. We could include another hair analogy (curly vs. straight, up vs. down), but the previous two seem like enough of that. 

Where to find designer favorites
Truth in advertising, folks. We practice what we preach. Every year, we take a critical look at our staging inventory, order new furnishings, and part with some of our current pieces. While it can be hard to say goodbye, we're comforted that these pieces will go to a good home when sold at our annual warehouse sale. This year's sale is set for April 20 - 22. 
            Thurs. 4:00 - 7:00 friends and family night
            Fri. 9:00 - 6:00 open to the public
            Sat. 9:00 - 4:00 open to the public
By the way, we went a little overboard when ordering this year, so we've decided to include some new pieces in the sale. For instance this live edge, hairpin dining table:

Swing by for even more gorgeous pieces.
We're crossing our fingers the sun comes out and we'll see you at the sale. In the meantime, our umbrellas are at the ready, and the unsubscribe button is always available if you need to opt out.  

Your Chancellor Designs Team
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