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Curious about the #1 reason why athletes don't do mental training?  

3 Things Athletes Shouldn't Say to Themselves...
In my 16 years working in the field of Sport Psychology, the #1 thing my athletes have taught me (and research absolutely supports this) is that what you think matters. Managing your thoughts and emotions is the key to consistent performance. For most athletes, this does not come naturally because  we care  about how we are doing. Caring about outcomes tends to generate thoughts and emotions, especially when things go wrong. Here are a few common thoughts that get in the way of consistently good performance:  Read more here...

Erika's office is moving to a new location!!

I am very happy to announce that we are moving to a new office!  I know you will enjoy the more spacious and comfy space I am creating.  Starting June 1st, you can find me at this location in downtown Pleasanton.
Mental Training Inc., Erika Carlson
173 Spring St. #270
Pleasanton CA 94566

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Mental Training Inc. Partners with iSoccerPath 

We are very please to share with you that we've partnered with iSoccerPath recruiting education company to help assist all of our soccer families navigate their way to college soccer.  Here's our full press release on the partnership. 

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Mental Training Fact:

Did you know... The #1 reason why athletes don't do mental training?

They don't know what to do!!  That's it!  Coaches know it's important.  Athletes can feel the difference between a good mental day and bad mental day on the field (court, course). So how do you actually learn and apply mental performance skills under pressure when it matters most?  That's what we do.  We pick up where great coaches leave off and teach you how to get out of your head, and back into the game...with confidence.  

Summer is the BEST time to start a mental training program.   Click here to set up your FREE consultation.

Here's what our clients are saying about Mental Training, Erika Carlson...

"Being a teenager is very stressful and often times confusing, but being a teenager and competing at the highest level in a sport adds so much more complexity to an already stressed out teenager! Erika and her programs are designed to help kids navigate through the complexities in a safe environment.

My daughter has been a regular client for years, she is able to talk to Erika and get honest feedback and solutions. When my daughter was injured Erika helped with the recovery from a mental perspective. When she needed advice on test taking, Erika worked with her to give her the tools to improve, which she has tremendously!

The mental side to any sport is so important and so overlooked by clubs who tend to focus on physical skill and fitness levels. Erika focuses on the mental side, strengthening the focus, decision making and taking the athlete or student to the next level. Erika helps to build a child's self confidence in themselves and their decisions.

I would recommend Erika to any parent who is interested in their child doing better in sports or school!

Erika is fantastic!"

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