Dec. 22, 2022 Edition
3 Things You Need To
Successfully Sell Your Business
Over the past couple of years I've noticed a trend for Owners who are pre sale to embrace increasing the value of their business before going to market.

Selling for more, selling on better terms, selling to the right Buyer are all key desires of business Owners.

In some cases they have far exceeded their original anticipated deal and in many ways. Money, time, personal satisfaction etc.

They all have a common theme. There are 3 things a business Owner needs to successfully sell their company.

You need the people and tools to prepare you and the company for sale and to grow EBITDA before going to market. We can help with that.

You need the desire to do the work. That comes from within.

You need to make the time. In my experience, if you have the desire you will make the time.

It's not complicated and at the same time it's not easy either. This is likely the single biggest and most important sale you will ever make.

You have one shot to do it right. My advice - get all the best help you can. And do it now.

Sometimes our relationships with Owners go on for years, prior to ever going to market. Providing coaching and encouragement is our way.

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