3 Timeless Ways to Get in Touch With Your Heart


Since you will be spending the rest of your life with yourself, unlocking self-love is the key to accessing your ability to love everyone and everything else in your life.

Self-love is at the foundation of every other type of love possible. As you fall into September and turn the corner on the final quarter of the decade, create habits that compliment and secure your love affair with YOU so that you can expand and grow how you love and interact with others.This surge of affection is most easily accessed by taking time to redirect and clarify your connection to yourself.

Be timeless.

Be legendary.


1.     Accept & Honor YOU: It is often commonplace to view ourselves from the vantage point of the outside world. Daily social media interaction solidifies our sense of projecting external perfection and equating that with defining who we are. The snapshot that matters most is the accurate one that means something innately to you. Often these two versions of you may not align. In other words, as much as it is nice to be liked and loved by others, it is far more important to authentically like and love yourself. Being comfortable in your own skin is the ultimate self-motivator and a direct link to living your legacy.

Seek simple. T urn the lens around so that you reflect on what makes you uniquely you and how you can lead with those assets. Take your control back by fostering an awareness around the messages that you are sending to yourself.

Are you being seen and heard by YOU?

Think about what brings you happiness and what makes you smile, then block out time and space to allow that in. This is a small pivot in perspective that impacts a giant footprint for growth and rediscovery.

Do This Now :

Make a list of 50 things that you like about yourself. Don’t overthink this, allow your thoughts to free flow. Now go back over your list and circle those things you VALUE most about yourself. For optimal change, personal acceptance and self-worth must co-exist and co-mingle. Taking a fresh look in at what you value about yourself in the current moment permits prioritization and the ability to redefine what most accurately speaks to you. Next time you question your self-worth or get stuck in a cycle that is not working, refer to your list and revisit those values you circled for a quick and instant pivot of perspectives. Re-align as needed .

2.     Leverage How You Lead: No matter who else you manage at work, how many children you parent, or what board you sit on, at the root of how you lead others is how you lead yourself. Essentially there are two ways to lead yourself. You can lead from an outlook of fear or from a place of abundance. Fear based leadership is static and limited. When you adapt this style of leadership you are led by your past or overwhelmed by your future. So much so, that you may miss how you lead today…and it is in today that those heart and head felt choices and decisions weave the tapestry that builds out your legacy.

Conversely, when you lead from a place of abundance you manage a life of possibilities. Abundant thinking cancels out fear and replaces it with gratitude, worthiness, and in-the-moment growth and perspective that allows for the process of attaining goals, and manifesting success. Leveraging how you lead YOU, allows you to limit how you fear.

Do This Now:

Every day when you wake up pick one abundant concept to focus and build your day around. Where are you grateful? What can you offer to others and to the world that is uniquely you? If you feel fearful about something, acknowledge that fear and then look for the and richer silver lining. Lead yourself forward to fear less and DO MORE by counteracting your fears with something you are feeling fulfilled and enriched with. Lean into the more abundant aspects of that fear and the in-the-moment choices that you have in leading yourself through. Where can you manage the moment?

3.     Love the One You Are With: More time is spent with yourself than with any other human ever…so implementing a good, solid relationship with yourself is essential to your happiness. Which means that no matter who else, or what else you care for, nurture, or are responsible for, the care and love you give yourself provides the fuel for everything else.

11 Things to DO NOW to Give Back to YOU

  • Put the gym/exercise on your calendar like a meeting and show up each day as if it is one.
  • Ask for what you want, from yourself and from others. Avoid assuming and seek clarity.
  • Create a cycle for doctor’s appointments and follow-up visits. Make your next appointment at your last appointment so that you have it on your schedule.
  • Honesty. Honestly. Make sure that the stories you tell yourself are based on truth and not fear. With others, say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  • Be curious about your day, and do this every day. Ask questions. Be present. Use your senses.
  • Give back in ways that inspire others, but also give you joy and momentum. Volunteer, support a friend, be a connecter of people and ideas.
  • Eat with mindfulness. Be creative and try new foods and be conscious of portions, stress eating, or depriving yourself of foods you enjoy. Seek to balance out a meal plan that works for you. Get help with this if it seems unmanageable or difficult.
  • Try new things. No matter how much you enjoy a certain way of doing something, incorporate one new thing into every week. Challenge yourself to step away from what you know.
  • Pamper. Make the spa appointment, get the dress, take the trip.
  • Be memorable. Legacy is not left behind, it is curated and driven from the vantage point of today.
  • Harness new hobbies. Learn a craft. Play a group game. Travel. Enter a race or learn or improve on a sport of choice.

    How will you honor yourself this fall? Let's talk !