3 Tips to Secure Your Campus
Our world is full of threats both external and internal. Most facilities have addressed access control and the securing of main doors, but those should be measures of last resort. There are steps you can take - some that you may not have considered - to mitigate the threat before it arrives at your front door.

We give these threats little thought until the unthinkable is broadcast on national news and then we scramble to ensure our faculty and students are not exposed to such a threat. Examining security and safety on your campus from a holistic viewpoint can help prevent these threats from materializing. Enhance life safety and security measures on your campus with the addition of cutting-edge technology that works in conjunction with your existing systems, such as:
  1. Delayed Egress devices with alarms
  2. Perimeter fencing emergency exit and access control
  3. Door prop alarms

Delayed Egress devices

Delayed egress devices in education facilities can protect lives. Check your local fire and safety codes before installing delayed egress equipment. By installing delayed egress exit devices, you can:
  • prevent unauthorized exit through secured openings
  • re-direct foot traffic to a specific corridor that is monitored by security personnel
  • combine them with electric latch retraction and automatic door operators for access control, which will allow staff to move freely throughout the facility while controlling visitor and student foot traffic

Perimeter fencing with emergency exit and access control
Playgrounds with emergency exit gates that open near a busy street can be cause for concern. Where life safety codes restrict traditional locking of these gates, weatherized delayed egress may be an acceptable application, depending on the authority having jurisdiction. Weatherized
delayed egress systems:
  • include panic hardware that emits a loud local alarm, encouraging a student to move away from the area while alerting staff that someone is attempting to exit through the gate
  • provide staff time to react before the gate unlocks and helps to avoid a dangerous situation
  • feature access control that prohibits unauthorized entry
  • are tied into a fire alarm override, providing safe, undelayed exit during a fire emergency
Door prop alarms
Supplementing existing door security with door prop alarms helps maintain a more secure environment. A door left propped open, even for a few seconds, can provide an easy access point for threats. Door prop alarm hardware will:
  • alert personnel to an unsecure door via audible alarm
  • send an alert to any central security monitor
  • help prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the premises

For more products to help you secure your campus, see the Detex literature page and brochures:
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Did You Know?
Detex Corporation is the only manufacturer of weatherized delayed egress systems, battery powered door prop alarms, weatherized electric latch retractionweatherized exit alarms and weatherized door prop alarms. Contact the experts at Detex Corporation for a wide array of products that protect people, secure property, and assure the life safety and security objectives of customers worldwide.
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