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November 10, 2016 Edition
1. Recent Report: Health of the States 
2. Resource: 
Nonprofit Tech for Good
3. Cool Tool: smartsheet 

3-Part Online Training Series with national expert  Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE  kicks off November 15th!

How does your development program measure up to accepted standards? Is your development program growing or is it stagnant? What tools can help you assess your performance? 

Find What's Wrong with Your Fundraising - and Fix It!

1.  New Research
Health of the States
In-depth Comparative Study of 
Key Outcomes
Inspired by a 2013 study conducted by the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health, the Health of the States may be the most comprehensive report of its kind out there. 

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Society and Health, it explores 39 different health outcomes and 123 health determinants from five domains: health systems, health behaviors, social and economic factors, physical and social environmental factors, and public policies and social spending.

Not surprisingly, the study authors found the highest correlations with health outcomes involved health behaviors like tobacco use and physical activity.

How can you leverage this data for your state to support your case and generate resources to better serve your clients?

2. Key Resource:  
Nonprofit Tech for Good
 Oodles of Social Media Knowledge
Heather Mansfield has been generating incredible content for the social sector over several years. Her active blog is broken out by types of social media (Facebook, SnapChat, etc.) along with mobile media and fundraising categories, enabling easy navigation. 

You can also search Heather's webinar, training and "live reporting" schedules. (Note: she'll be presenting at the NTEN conference in March).

3 Cool Tool: 
Data Sharing Made Easy

smartsheet provides a user-friendly way to share information in a spreadsheet format, enabling efficient, real-time online collaboration. 


You can share a particular row of data, or just a document attached to that row, or the whole sheet - and the recipient does not need a smartsheet account to receive and edit that data. It also integrates with Google Apps, and provides alerts and reminders.


With the Basic ($10/month) membership, you get access to lots of other useful features like Gantt Charts, card and calendar views, mobile app and unlimited collaborators - but you are limited to 10 sheets. The Team ($15/month) membership offers 150+ sheets plus additional features like reporting, resource management and better support.


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