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May 19, 2016
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1 What Is Your Nonprofit's Theory of Change?   
Two Great Resources
According to the Center for Theory of Change (yep, there really is one), a Theory of Change is a " comprehensive description of how and why a desired change is expected to happen in a particular context. It is focused in particular on mapping out or 'filling in' what has been described as the 'missing middle' between what a program or change initiative does (its activities or interventions) and how these lead to desired goals being achieved."  

Guess we can no longer settle for the "If-Then" statement...

To gain the knowledge and tools you will need to map out your organization's Theory of Change - an important exercise that will inform the outcomes of your Logic Model - check out this report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation , as well as  
2 Speaking of Logic Models...
Why do you need a Logic Model for each of your nonprofit's programs? Because they enable you to:
  • Plan a well thought-out program
  • Gain team and leadership buy-in
  • Position your organization to garner partners/collaborators, grants and other support
  • Measure progress and monitor success
  • Better serve your clients!
There are many Logic Model templates out there to help you offer a visual of your program's goal, objectives, inputs, outputs (including activities), outcomes and evaluation. Here's one that we like:   

Get Your Board on One Page!

Free Resource by Idealware
Check out this new, free report which reviews 6 different "Board Portals" or software to help nonprofits manage Board activity, documents, collaboration and meetings.

This report provides side-by-side comparisons on features like creating Board books, reading/sharing/annotating documents, calendars, collaboration, security, use in Board meetings, usability and price.  Idealware does a great, thorough job with these types of reviews. 
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