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Mark, thanks to you, our city manager approved your Social Media and Records Management Policy you did for us. Your assistance in this entire process is greatly appreciated."

- Pat Cabrera,
Office of the City Clerk,
Las Vegas, NV
Employees Fired or Disciplined For Social Media Mistakes
Target Your Policies and Training By Claiming They Don't Comply With The New Federal Laws.
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Here Are Two Cases That Show You Why Model
Social Media Policies From Respected Associations,
Policy Services, and Online Are Very Risky...
First Amendment of the US Constitution with court gavel
Social Media Policies and Training Greatly Impact The Constitutional Rights Of Others. They Are Powerful Legal Instruments, Not Just PR and
Marketing Issues.
"A Real Eye-Opener. Your new strategies will
protect my career. This was time well spent."
- W.J. Bendick, Exxon Chemical, IL
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"Mark, your information was like purchasing
a one million dollar insurance policy."

- Bryan Macy, Winston Salem Police Department, NC
Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz Updates Your Policy
To Comply With The New Federal Laws
My new policy drafting system identifies key liability issues and eliminates specific words that courts reject as too vague and sweeping...
  • Social Media Policy
  • Social Media Public Record Policy
  • Text Message Policy
  • Personal Device Policy
  • Cloud Policy
  • Live Stream Policy
"I not only learned how much I didn't know in this class,
but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong."
- Louis Carnell, Administrator, Tampa, FL
Legal Authority For Updated Policies : Public Sector- Liverman v. City of Petersburg 844 F. 3d 400 (2016) Private Sector Cases-Motor City Pawn Brokers et al and Terrence Walker et al (NLRB Case No. 07-CA-179458, October 22, 2018), SOS International, LLC v. Pacific Media Workers Guild Communications Workers of America, Local 39521 (NLRB Case No. 21-CA-178096, March 12 2018), Costco Wholesale Corporation and United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 371. (NLRB Case 34–CA–012421 September 7, 2012.
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