Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
3 things to consider before making your flooring purchase
Companies don’t buy flooring every day. Particularly when the price tag of the floor itself is only one variable to consider. Yet some additional factors that stand as important—maybe even more are the following:

  • Preparation and install downtime
  • Long-term durability
  • Equipment and data protection

The first two should not shock you. Time is money if you have to stop production due to floor installation—never mind the fee to pay the installer. And clearly you want your flooring to last as long as possible to get the most out of your investment. But if you have expensive and/or sensitive equipment on the floor that could be damaged by static electricity, you need to make a wise decision—otherwise, you may end up replacing more than your floor.

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What is a flexible lab?
A flexible lab allows industries to configure, and reconfigure their laboratory environment to keep pace with the ever-changing innovations of the world. Our interlocking flooring system provides the perfect solution when the need for change, or replacement of a flooring system is a necessity.

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