Vol. 8, Issue 2, August 9, 2018
Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
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In this week's edition: Discover recent market trends in Hamilton; Find out more about the Youth Employment Network; Sector profiles will help employers and job seekers.
Labour Market Snapshot 2018 Q2: Recent Industry Trends
WPH's most recent Labour Market Snapshot indicates that Hamilton's unemployment rate continues to chart lower than the provincial average.

In addition, employment in health occupations saw a drop of 8,233 people from 2017 Q2 to 2018 Q2.

Employment in occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport is up 40% year over year.

The occupations with the most job postings in Q2 are: truck drivers, retail salesperson, retail sales supervisors, and customer and information service reps.

The hard skills in demand in Hamilton are: bilingual skills; reading blueprints; quality assurance; forklift driving; and customer relationship management.

Find out more about the Youth Employment Network

The Youth Employment Network (YEN) started in 1997 as a group for front-line employment and training staff who work with youth in Hamilton.

Over the years YEN has delivered a number of exciting initiatives and encouraged collaboration and cooperation among its member agencies. 
This in turn has increased the range and quality of services available to young people in employment transition.

A few of YEN’s accomplishments over the years include: Careerapalooza, Career Cruiser, Monkeybiz.ca and a variety of professional development workshops for front-line staff.

This year's professional development event was on the topic of Mental Health in the Workplace.

The YEN site was re-launched in 2016 to create a one-stop shop for Hamilton and area youth who are looking for employment, training and other services.

Another great resource for youth and others in the community who are looking for educational, employment and training resources is the Workforce Information Network: WINHamilton.ca.
Sector Profiles from WPH!
WPH staff are currently working on a series of 11 sector profiles that will highlight skills gaps and shortages in our community. The profiles will educate employers and job seekers about the jobs in demand and where to find them.

Using the new 2016 Census information each profile will share information on prevalent sub-sectors, entry level occupations, wages, the age of the workforce, and provide a forecast for future demand for these jobs.

Stay tuned for more information about this important project!
Labour Force Information, Hamilton
June 2018
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