March, 2015

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  • 3 Ways That Water Can Wash Away Anxieties
  • Discovering Egypt's Ancient Magic by Private Yacht
  • Reaching Spiritual Clarity in Mt Shasta
  • LEE COOK Teaches How to Connect with the Angels: SALIDA SALON, Colorado: May, 2015
  • "You are the Light of the World" Angel Message



Here in the Rocky Mountains, the warm air is melting the snow and the waters are starting to flow. Watching this process has taught me how to release anxieties in ways that I want to share with you.



First the waters absorb into our Mother Earth. We can see all the plants taking a big drink after their long winter. They show their thankfulness to the water and to everything on Earth by blooming their lovely flowers. 


These flowers, "Born to blush unseen in the desert air" remind us, that we can just BE, and BE HAPPY... no more is needed!



The earth becomes saturated, as more and more snow melts, so the extra water begins to flow into streams, finding its downward trail. 

The streams merge into creeks. Winding down the age old pathways, the waters find each other, banding together to create the rivers that bring life out to the plains.

Watching these patterns reminds us that there is a flow in nature which shows innate wisdom. 

When we go with the flow, our lives work, also. No need to force things to happen. They will happen when they are supposed to. 




Standing on the banks, at a bend in Boulder Creek, we see the water coming around. Where has it come from? We cannot see that part. It is a mystery. As it passes by, it is clear and sparkling in the light of the sun. It goes on, around the next bend.  Where does it go? We do not know. That is also a mystery. Like our lives, there is much to wonder about. But while it is here in front of us, it is glorious to see the form that the water takes, the currents that carve away, and the depth that it goes. 

It reminds us of the saying, 'BE HERE NOW' and to focus on this moment, as much as possible, instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.


These sacred waters are waking up now. It is good to watch how they flow. We all come from water, as each of us was in a womb of water for nearly a year before we were born. Then after the water flowed from the Mother, we came out to be upon the Earth. We are all connected to this water and the characteristics of it have a lot to teach us.


Please say a prayer for our waters that they may continue to flow, to stay pure and sparkling, and bring life to all things on our Mother Earth.  Thank you.


Discovering Egypt's Ancient Magic
by Private Yacht
October 11 - 25, 2015

Discovering the rituals and purposes of the many ancient temples in Egypt helps us to remember our lineage  and to realize what  our future can become.

We have an exciting world to build together!!

We will be learning about all this from Master Teacher Crotalo Sesamo, the World Ambassador from Damanhur, the City of Light, who is well versed in Ancient Civilizations...

all from the luxurious comfort of our private yacht!! 

Grow Spiritually while you have fun, visit the amazing temples built by our ancestors, and learn experientially with a group of like-minded people!  Come be a part of realizing the potential for building a New Civilization.  Make your travel dollars count!


At age 17, Crotalo helped to dig by hand, along with the rest of the community, the underground Temple City known as Damanhur.  See pictures of the Temples. That community is now recognized by the United Nations as a model of sustainability. Among other things, Crotalo assisted in installing the sacred geometry that empowers the Temples. Crotalo is now a master teacher of many courses, including Ancient Civilizations, Astral Travel, and Meditation Techniques, as well as being an effective Healer. He travels all over the world offering the inspiring information that comes from the City of Damanhur.


Crotalo has taken many clients through Egypt and experienced transformational shifts both personally and with his groups of people. This is because he understands how to unlock the codes of sacred information stored in the Temples and in the Pyramids. If you would like the opportunity to experience a truly valuable spiritual awakening, this is the pilgrimage for you.


See our amazing



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JOIN US: July 29 - August 2, 2015

We become happier when we can see new hope and purpose for ourselves. It Is a great gift to understand why our lives are the way they are, and to see clearly what steps we can take next. 

We come to powerful Mt Shasta to help gain greater clarity. We will start our retreat with a Gathering Circle to review why we have each chosen to come to such a vortex center of supportive energy, why we have decided to collect the gifts offered there.

Then we will celebrate with a welcome dinner that is included in the cost.

The next morning, we will go to one of the many sacred waterfalls to experience a total cleansing of body and soul. This will be the first step in preparing to enter into the energies of the mountain. We look forward to having you join us in this process.

The article called 
 was published in Om Times E-News on Feb 15, 2015! You can read it



Since there is widespread distribution of the magazine, and the article mentions our journey, there is a lot of interest in this trip. We are limiting it to 20 people so that each one can have a valuable experience and the best participation possible. We are already past half full! If you are thinking about it, please sign up soon.

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Join our Journey this Summer, 2015 

for 5 days of immersion into the energies of the Mountain!

ONLY $570.00

More info Here

Lee Cook Teaches 
How to Connect with the Angelic Realms
May 15 - 17, 2015

A salon  is a gathering of people held partly to amuse one another and partly to increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. 

We gather to stay on the banks of the Arkansas River while Lee Cook and Kristina Wood conduct a Salon about to how to connect with the Angels, Nature Spirits and Light Beings, based on the information in their forthcoming book, WHY THE SUNFLOWER SMILES, Hidden Messages in Nature.

We will explore the rhythms and cycles of our beautiful planet  and its connection to the cosmos through dialogue and fun activities together. We will have guided meditations, commune with the natural world by way nature walks and riverside chats, learn how to be in touch with Nature Spirits and Angels to receive their gifts and knowledge, and we will explore the healing properites of crystals with the gifted crystal teacher, Paul Martin, owner of the fabulous Crystal Shop of Salida. 

Besides all this, we will also enjoy delicious meals, walk along the river and through the early spring mountain meadows, relax in the riverside cedar hot tub, and have the option to soak in  the hot springs favored by the locals.

  Refresh and renew your spirit this spring. 
We welcome a few people to join us for this weekend. 

Cost $275.00. Includes 2 nights and 3 days with your own bed in a beautifully remodeled historic building, downtown on the Arkansa River, breakfasts, all teachings. Does not include other meals, option al hot springs fee, transportation, or anything not listed as included.  Read about Salida .
Call 720-217-1829 to Register.

"You Are The Light of the World"
Angel Message,  Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,

The saying that "You are the Light of the World" IS TRUE!! Just as the Sun radiates its warmth and life-giving energy to your world, so do you radiate your own unique light. The love that you can express through your own thoughts and actions can illuminate the world. At times of despair or hardship, the light expressed through your kindness and care can bring hope to another, like the sun's rays bursting through the clouds.

By being generous with your offering of attention and time and being present in a moment to show love to others, their world can become filled with possibilities again as you mirror to them their own light, even when they cannot see it themselves. This offering of love will not only be a healing gift to them but also to you, for as you give so shall you receive.

Your world is called the "blue world" but it is also a golden one; as you are each like a sparkling light, radiant in the darkness. Know that you are powerful beyond measure, as a result of your intention to  keep your own lights shining brightly with the love that you feel in your hearts for yourselves, one another, and the earth upon which you live.

A loving person is like a twinkling star in the night sky. 
We honor your light.

with love,
The Angels

Thank You, Until Next Time





                             ~ RUMI




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