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A Systems Approach to Baldrige: building a customized, sustainable operating model based on key systems | cohort facilitated by Pattie Skriba and Joe Kilbride.
Is your organization looking for an approach to Baldrige that makes it more relevant to leaders, more understandable, and fosters more near-term improvement.

One approach that high-performing organizations have used is a ‘ systems approach to the Baldrige Framework .’ The Baldrige criteria reflects a collection of key systems which creates a blueprint for building a customized, sustainable operating model in an organization.
This fall 2020, WCPE will launch a cohort of 5-7 organizations who are interested in applying the systems approach to Baldrige. The cohort will engage in 6 monthly workshops 3-4 key leaders from each of the participating organizations. Participating in the cohort will make this unique opportunity more cost-effective and allow you to learn from other like-minded organizations. 

WCPE is partnering with two recognized Baldrige experts who will lead a series of workshops utilizing a “Systems Approach to Baldrige”. 

Pattie Skriba and Joe Kilbride will facilitate a cohort of organizations who will learn the criteria, apply it to their organization, and receive coaching. Along the way cohort organizations will have opportunities to apply for recognition by the Wisconsin Forward Award through our new Focused Review award program.
Interested in learning a bit more about the "systems approach" and the cohort? Download this flyer , and contact WCPE Executive Director, Liz Menzer at 608.663.5300 or
Problem Solving & Innovation During Times of Crisis: SIT Spark with Erez Tsalik of Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT)
July 14, 21 & 28 8 am - Noon
Organizations today must do more with less. Organizations today must solve complex problems they’ve never faced before. Organizations today must find ways to create meaningful, breakthrough changes that add value for customers and others stakeholders — they must innovate their products, services, processes, and business models to remain relevant, achieve their missions, and indeed just survive these challenging times. So maybe its time you find your "innovation sweet spot."

WCPE has held Systematic Inventive Thinking  live workshops in Madison the past, so we are especially pleased to offer one of our most popular workshops “ Exploring Innovation Principles & Tools: SIT Spark ” in a three-part virtual series: Tuesday mornings July 14, 21, and 28.  

SIT is unique in its ability to help companies innovate Inside the Box, using their existing resources and navigating existing constraints. SIT’s method is systematic, so you will gain the ability to “Innovate On-Demand” using a proven, disciplined approach to both process innovation and problem solving. Learn skills that will help you deftly troubleshoot issues and identify new opportunities in this time of uncertainty, but will also help you facilitate your organization’s productivity and growth once we emerge from this current crisis.

Create a Culture of Productivity: Maximize your time, talent & technology with Jan Lehman, CEO of CTC Productivity
August 12th, 8:30 am - noon

"Jan is great at listening, sorting out the problems and providing practical advice with follow-up steps. I found her coaching to be a great way to boost my personal effectiveness and that of our team."

Organizations today are feeling increasing pressures to improve productivity, eliminate waste, and maximize efficiency. In good times and now in challenging times, as a leader, you have the opportunity and responsibility to encourage and reinforce productivity throughout your organization. But it must start with you.

Jan will share effective communication protocols across multiple platforms, helping you learn how to fully leverage your technology. She’ll also share how the technology we are using is evolving and what you need to do now to be prepared for that transition, which has become even more important given virtual or split virtual/in-person work environments.
Join us for a tactical as well as strategic discussion on how to maximize the time, talent, and technology in your organization.

  • Learn email and time management techniques that will revolutionize the way your organization operates
  • Begin laying the foundation for an effective business communication strategy to drive organization-wide efficiencies
  • Gain a high-level understanding of how Microsoft 365 will be a pivotal platform long-term to improve communication, collaboration, and accountability across your organization

Baldrige Fall Conference Anchored in Milwaukee

Resilience, agility, and innovation are cornerstones of Baldrige winning organizations. Hear and learn from their experiences and insights during a highly interactive virtual event October 21-2 2!

Learn more and register at

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