April 10, 2017
Does your organization have plans to recognize Earth Day (April 22nd)? If so, please share them on the Registry's LinkedIn page. If not, here are a few ideas to help you mark the day. 

Laura Armstrong                                
Maryland Green Registry Coordinator
Get Outside!
Connecting to the natural areas near where you work is a great way to energize your green team and finding a volunteer event at a local stream or park is not hard to do.

This map of  Environmental Volunteer Opportunities will allow you to identify organizations that plan these type of events.  You can also sort by location and event date at  Volunteer Match.org

JOIN US!  The Maryland Department of the Environment will be participating in a River Clean up with Patapsco River Heritage on April 14, 1-4 p.m. and we welcome all Maryland Green Registry members to join us.

Information and registration can be found HERE
Try one new thing 
Recognize Earth Day by testing a new activity or practice for a day or week to see if it's something your organization might want to continue. For example:

Flip the Switch: Try turning out  lights from 12-1 to see if there are areas of your facility that may not need them on all the time. 

Compost: Collect food waste separately to get a sense of volume and consider an onsite composting tumbler.

Commute options: Encourage employees to try out public transportation, carpooling, biking or other alternatives to driving to work.

The Maryland Green Registry website and member profiles are full of tips and resources of no and low-cost activities. Find one to pilot at your organization.
Get Recognized!
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How else can you get your story out there?
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