Have you wanted to do more when it comes to the orphan crisis, but you don’t know how? Is the thought of adoption too intimidating, but yet you have it in your heart to help? The hosting program may be the perfect fit for your family! Our hosting programs bring children who are legally free for adoption, and who have been waiting far too long for a family, over to the US for three weeks during the summer. During this time, the child stays with a qualified host family while you and our staff get to know the child better. Because the best way to advocate for waiting children is to get to know them! And for the host child, they get to experience the one-on-one attention of a family….not to mention the summertime fun!! Meet some of the children from Colombia who are available for summer hosting.
Aurora (13)
Aurora is a kind, calm girl who likes to initiate conversations with others. She relates well to others, and easily adapts to new situations.  
Camila (13)
Camila is a respectful and responsible girl. She is good in math and computer science and language. She loves to go to dance class and enjoys walks with her peers.
Lucia (15)
Lucia is a leader, and often takes initiative. She respects authority, and is always willing to lend a hand. Lucia enjoys sports, and especially spending time outdoors.
Lora (4), Luci (9), Layne (12)
These three sisters are kind and loving. Lora likes learning numbers and can count to 30. She is very social and willing to share. Luci is happy and friendly. She likes art, computers, and English. Layne is a social butterfly. She gets along well with peers and with her foster siblings.
Tia (10) & Teresa (13)
These bonded pair are both affectionate children who very much want to be adopted. They enjoy playing outside together.
Stover (9)
Stover is an active little boy who enjoys painting, swimming, and other sports. He is a good listener, and consistently follows the rules.
Pablo (10)
Pablo is a happy and funny boy. He is very affectionate, and attached to the adults he trusts. Pablo loves to draw, paint, and play chess. 
Octavia (13) & Omar (10)
Octavia is a sweet girl who enjoys watching princess movies, and playing ‘pretend teacher.’ She is very bonded with her brother. Omar is a cheerful, happy boy who loves to play soccer and watch cartoons.  
We offer our hosting program in MD, PA, NJ, IL, IN, and MO. We purposefully keep the children and host families close to our regional offices so that we can be present and active during the hosting session. And so both the children and the host families can benefit from close proximity with one another! If you would like more information about our hosting programs, email Sarah Hansen or click the button below.