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August 2018
30% Premium Bonus + Flexibility You Need
There are many things about retirement you can't predict - like how long you'll live, or the effects of inflation. That is why it is important to have a level of  flexibility in your retirement income strategy:
  • 30% Premium Bonus   (for a limited time)  
  • Lifetime Income
  • Tax-Deferred Growth
  • Options to customize your retirement
  • Flexibility for you and your beneficiaries
  • Guarantees to principal and credited interest 
What a difference an iceberg can make...
During the heat of this Texas summer, my dear wife, Jill and I decided to take an Alaskan adventure. 
Armed with parkas and scarves, we set out for a fun filled week of boating, whale  watching and local fare.
Our souls were truly refreshed with every breathtaking view.

Enjoying family, friends and all the wonder that surrounds us, makes life truly worthwhile.  
Best Insurance Vehicle for Retirement...
Indexed Universal Life

Are you looking for an investment vehicle which can protect your retirement savings while offering:
  • Tax Advantages
  • Growth Potential
  • Liquidity and Flexibility
Would you be interested in learning how you can d isburse your retirement money with ZERO TAXES?
A note from the accounting professor: 
Whats up with the market?
Exactly two years ago, during the last week of June, voters in the UK cast their Brexit vote. The global stock markets took it on the chin. The Dow lost 1,000 points in two trading days. It took less than two weeks to get everything back to normal. This reaction shows how fickle the market is in the short-term. 
For those who want us to lose sleep over the idea that the market is overhauled by whatever criteria they use, consider the following...
In This Issue
Emergency Funds:
How Accessible Are They?

Ever wonder what happens if you have an emergency and need to tap into the typical retirement product?
  • Most CDs don't permit withdrawals until the contract period is realized without incurring penalties.
  • Bonds don't allow instant access without a potential adverse impact.
  • Mutual funds and stocks require that you sell them, for a fee... and potentially at a loss.

Here's some good news:

There's at least one retirement strategy that does allow for emergencies and without penalties, fees or losses on your original money.

Where does it all go?

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