30 Days of Giving

Dear NJAASC Members:

As the celebration of our 30th Anniversary continues in 2022, it seems appropriate that we turn our attention to the communities we serve.

With that in mind, we are launching our “30 Days of Giving” Campaign, and we hope you will be as excited to celebrate our 30th birthday this way as we are.

We are asking our member centers statewide to conduct a food drive at their center and donate to a local foodbank in or near the community they serve between October 24 and November 22, 2022. Physicians, staff and patients alike can participate in your drive. This is the perfect time of year for a food drive: - food insecurity is typically higher in the colder months as struggling families face tough decisions about paying for heat versus food.

And we can’t wait to share your good news!

Please send us a photo from your food drive and any details you wish to share – e.g. amount of food donated, name of the foodbank, date of the donation, etc. – and we will share your good news on our social media pages. The deadline to submit your photos is December 2, 2020, so we can be sure to promote everyone’s efforts before the Holidays this year.

Please send your photos and information to

Nina Dietrich, our marketing point person, at nina@ninadietrich.com.

Thanks for your participation in our “30 Days of Giving” campaign!