January 2022
Last year we celebrated our 30th anniversary. Now it's time to commemorate 200 years of the place we love, Rush County. Many people have worked hard to create fun and meaningful ways to mark this milestone. Be sure to visit the website and follow along on Facebook. As always, we'll be serving our donors, awarding grants and scholarships, and providing leadership in 2022. If you're wondering about the "who, what, where and why", part 2 of our "Get to Know RCCF" series will answer your questions. We hope the new year finds you healthy and happy, Friends!
30 Reasons to Feel Great About 2021
2021 was another year we couldn’t have predicted. It was certainly filled with ups and downs. But the list you’re about to read is full of two qualities – impact and hope.
First5 Update: Growing Minds and Impact with $100,000 Grant
RCCF’s board of directors sees the continued value in supporting First5 Rush County’s Early Learning Coalition and has approved funding for the initiative’s fourth year. Early Learning Indiana (ELI) has made quite a sizeable investment, too.
2022 Lilly Endowment Community Scholar: Carter Tague
This scholarship means more to me and my family than anyone will ever know. There was nothing that could solidify the 'hard work pays off' motto better than walking through the Learning Commons doors and being told you have been selected to receive such a life changing scholarship," said John Carter Tague, the 41st Lilly Endowment Community Scholar from Rush County.

He will receive full-tuition to an Indiana college of his choice and a $900 yearly stipend for required books and equipment. Learn more about Carter and his plans.
Our Thanks to Outgoing Board Member, Mindy Vogel
It's that bittersweet time of the year when we say thank you to board members whose terms have ended. Whenever the board was facing a big decision, Mindy Vogel could always be counted on to give thoughtful, clear guidance.

It's safe to say that Mindy's passion for the RCCF began before her service as a board member.
Laura Ash and Toni Schultz Join the RCCF Board
Joining a nonprofit’s board of directors is a big commitment. It requires time, dedication and responsibility. Fortunately for us, we have two new members who are ALL IN for RCCF’s mission! Please join us in welcoming Laura Ash and Toni Schultz. We are inspired by their energy, big hearts and genuine curiosity. We’re looking forward to knowing them better and watching them serve to enhance life in Rush County!
Join the 1822 Society and Leave a Lasting Legacy
It's Rush County's bicentennial. Did you know that's where the 1822 Society got its name? It's the perfect time to join a special group of donors whose impact and love will last forever by including RCCF in your estate planning. Leaving a bequest is an easy way to do so and can be ANY amount. Find sample language and learn more.

Due 2/15/2022, 11:59:59pm
ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Here are the top stories from last month.
December Tribute Gifts

Each gift you make in memory or in honor of a loved one supports Rush County forever. We are grateful for your kindness and generosity!
In Memory of:
AJ and Marie Meyer
Alice Ruth Wiley, Glen Wiley, Lauren Alice Wiley
Ann Taff Anderson and J.D. Taff
Arlene Strait
Ashley Spurlin (at Christmas and birthday)
Barbara Stiers
Betty L. Foley
Bob and Emmy Waggener
Bob and Lela Self
Brandon Lykins
Briana J. Springman
Carl Henderson
Carol Niehoff Hardwick
Carolyn Hufferd
Catherine "Katie" Brashaber
Connie Brorson
Connie Emme
Connie Rankin
Courtney Connolly
Craig Kuhn
Crysten and Jett Williams
Darlene J Young
Darrell and Marilyn Bills
Dave Tucker
David Truster
Deloris (Dee) Shelton
Derby King
Dester Wesley
Dick and Jane Dragoo
Dick Moster
Dickie Risk
Dillon Fowler
Donald and Mary Marshall
Dorine Rosfeld
Forrest and Louise Piles
Gary Isaacs
George and Betty Owens
George and Marcella McAhren
Gladys Fussner
Glen Wiley
Harold Hornaday
Heckman Family
Helen Louise Amos
Holli Spaeth
Jack Norris
Jane Patterson
Janet Mosley
Jerry Cain
Jerry Geise
Jerry Gilpin
Jessy McClure
Judy Leisure
Kenny Stiers
Kyle Henderson
Larry Fry
Lora Hatfield
Mark Todd
Martha Perin
Martha Schneyer
Marvin VanNatta
Mary Alice Kaiser
Marya Crim
Max and Marlene Miller
Maxine Hornaday Meyer
Michael Clifford
Michael Weidner
Mohr Family
Molly Spaeth
Monika Fussner
Morris F. and Jane M. Fisher
Ned Foster
Pat and Martha Todd
Paul Leising
Paula Curtis
Paula Pierson Payne
Philip and Nora Ralstin, Danny Ralstin
Pippa Flanary
Ralph Cloud
Ramona J. (Stamm) Turner
Randy Kaster
Ray Cook
Richard and Judy Douglass
Robert and Beulah Shouse
Robert and Gleela Baldwin
Robert N. Veatch
Robert White
Ruth Shouse
Steve Richards
Ted "Teddy" Owens
Teresa Holmes
Uncle Rick Bane
Wayne Miller
Wilma Jo Kile

In Honor of:
Abby Horton
Alfred & Eleanor Yager
Alisa Winters
Angie Bane, Kristie Amos, Alisa Winters, Lisa Benjamin
Barbara White
Blair Orme
Brooke Edwards
Dave and Barb Malson
Dick and Judy Douglass
Emily Deaton
Frank and Judy Heavin Schwegman
Grant Reeves
Hannah Augsburger
Heather Campbell
Heidi Cox
Jason Pavey
Jonathan Galbraith
Joni Fenimore
Keith Perin
Margaret Harris
Mariah Lee
Nancy Ratekin
Pat Haney
Phil and Nancy Mitchell
Scott Harpring
Shantel Cartwright
Spaeth Siblings
T.R. Campbell
Tate Martz