Fun Fact #14
“You may have come to advocacy on your own, it may be part of your job or
you may have been asked to ‘put a face’ on a campaign by serving as its
spokesperson. You may be acting as a lone crusader or as part of a larger
advocacy effort. Either way, you share an objective with all other advocates:
to have your story move audiences from apathy to empathy to action.” 
The SPAN Resource Parent (SRP) training is an intensive program that teaches volunteers strategies on how to obtain appropriate educational programs and related services for children and youth. Parents and professionals are provided with extensive training and ongoing support to help them understand the dynamics of the systems that serve children with special needs. Individuals who complete the entire training series receive a compilation of useful local, state, and national resources.

The six (6) week training program includes:
  1. Basic Rights & Resources for Families
  2. Laws/Regulations & LRE/Inclusion
  3. IEP & Transition to Adult Life
  4. Student Supports & Self Determination
  5. Advocacy & Leadership Skills
  6. Health Advocacy & Health Manual

Over the past 25 years, SPAN has trained over 700 SPAN Resource Parents (SRPs) to assist NJ parents of children with disabilities and special health needs in understanding their rights and responsibilities under federal and state laws.
Currently, there are 219 active SRPs prepared to provide support to NJ families on issues or concerns they may have about their children’s education and development.
The 2018 SRP Training Series flyer can be accessed here . (Screen reader/pdf reader accessible.)
SPAN's believes in the importance of people helping people. The SRP Series helps us provide effective training that promotes valuable peer support to parents who want to help their children flourish.

In advocay,
Diana Autin & Debra Jennings
Co-Executive Directors
SPAN is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on funds from a variety of grants and also from people like you--our partners and parents, our families and friends. Help SPAN reach even more families in the next 30 years and beyond! 
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