Fun Fact #20
SPAN has rebranded!
The Statewide Parent Advocacy Network is now...

SPAN Parent Advocacy Network

~ Spanning the globe to serve New Jersey, the
Northeast and Middle States Regions, all 50 States
and US Territories, and multiple International Collaborations through its many projects and endeavors ~
Originally a small call center for parents to talk to other parents with children with special needs, SPAN’s scope now includes underserved families experiencing frustrations in health, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and all the systems that impact children and families. Also, SPAN has widened its role in general education and other services for all NJ children, not just those with special needs.

Name The new name demonstrates how SPAN's range of influence has spread:

  • Statewide Projects, including its decades-long role as NJ's Parent and Technical Information Center (PTI)
  • Regional Projects that work with Parent Centers in the northeastern and middle states
  • National Projects that provide support to PTIs throughout the US and its territories and outlying islands
  • International Efforts that educate parent and advocacy groups implement systems change in their schools, communities, and local and national governments

Logo For the logo redesign, we reimagined the flat bridge in the old blue medallion as a more three-dimensional design to reflect SPAN’s movement upward and outward toward new collaborations and ventures. We softened the blue and kept the gold border to maintain visual continuity with the old logo and to ensure recognition while freshening up the look. Finally, we updated the font for a clean look and feel and for it to be legible at any size.
SPAN's increasing reach is due in major part to our donors' generosity. We are utterly grateful for your help so that we can continue to reach beyond the state and throughout the country and world to further advocate for people and to teach them self-advocacy and leadership.

Warmest thanks to you,
Diana Autin & Debra Jennings
Co-Executive Directors