Fun Fact #26
In 2017, SPAN received funding from the New Jersey Department of Health to coordinate:
New Jersey's first ever Deaf Mentor Program!

1. To engage parents of children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing to participate in Learning Communities:

  • The Family Support and Engagement Learning Community brings together a diverse group of parents (with regard to culture, ethnicity, age of child, and communication choices) who have children who are Deaf or Heard of Hearing; and

  • The Department of Health's Timely Follow-Up Learning Community and the Audiology/Early Intervention Learning Community

2. To establish a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Mentoring Program:

  • Deaf Mentor/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Role Model Program Advisory Group for which stakeholders assist in identifying and assessing community/family needs, identifying services that already exist, identifying gaps, and creating a program that supports existing services and sets the groundwork for establishing this program in New Jersey.
A Learning Community:
Is a framework for people to meet around a shared goal
Is an opportunity to effect change
Is a place to develop practical goals
Connects people, organizations, and systems
Works across boundaries
SPAN is excited to collaborate with NJDOH in this amazing FIRST for New Jersey! Our donors greatly help us in these new pursuits to help specific demographics within the communities for whom we advocate.

Thankful to YOU!,
Diana Autin & Debra Jennings
Co-Executive Directors