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SPAN Parent Advocacy Network IN ACTION!
In the past year, Building Bridges to Success, New Jersey's Parent Training & Information Center, has had:
78,446 Contacts with People
22,964 In-person & Virtual Event Participants
19,970 Individual Assistance Contacts
35,251 Professional Contacts
2,761 Student Contacts
Image with gold party confetti and streamers, reads Celebrating 30 Years of Family & Youth Advocacy. SPAN logo reads 30th Anniversary.
SPAN informs and trains PARENTS of children with disabilities, PROFESSIONALS , and STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES to be effective advocates and self-advocates.

OUR STAFF are knowledgeable, committed, and a source of information that can be counted on to provide:

· Information ·
· Resources ·
· Support ·
· In-person Trainings ·
· Virtual Trainings ·
· Webinars ·
· Newsletters ·
· Leadership Development ·
· Partnership in Systems Change ·
For 30 Years, SPAN has been the state's go-to center for support and advocacy. We rely on your donations to keep us going for the next 30. ALL the children are our children, and we thank you, our donors, for everything you do to help us continue to help those who deserve the best we can offer them and their families.

With the deepest gratitude
for the past 30 years and forward,
Diana Autin & Debra Jennings
Co-Executive Directors,
and all the SPAN Employees, who serve
with their hearts and with love. Thank you!