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SPAN-ing the Decades
30 Things About SPAN

Fun Fact #7:
SPAN has had numerous projects funded by our NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities, including:
  1. A parent leadership development project to prepare parents of children with special needs to speak out on IDEA federal and state regulations;
  2. An Inclusive IEP parent support project;
  3. An intensive Transition Camp project to prepare diverse youth with disabilities as self-advocates and to prepare their parents to support them;
  4. Champions for Inclusive After School Programs, helping after school programs include youth with disabilities and develop their parents' advocacy skills;
  5. A three-year project to develop a Health Advocacy Across the LifespanToolkit and provide parent and self-advocate training county workshops in multiple languages;
  6. The SEVA (Special Education Volunteer Advocates) project, to help diverse parents help other parents secure inclusive services and effective transition services for their children with disabilities.
In this new year and the years to come, make SPAN part of your regular donation schedules and help us continue our mission of running projects that EDUCATE children with disabilities and their families on their rights and EMPOWER them to be strong advocates in their communities .
With much hope for a peaceful and prosperous new year, 
Diana Autin & Debra Jennings
Co-Executive Directors

SPAN is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on funds from a variety of grants and also from people like you--our partners and parents, our families and friends. Help SPAN reach even more families in t he next 30 years and beyond!  
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