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7th-grade Lajla (right) dissecting a sheep heart
Dalila (right) collaborating with friends to build a pasta tower
Teaching & Learning Together

Lajla and Dalila’s parents moved to the United States from Bosnia in 2001 to give their future family a better life. They had completed trade school in Bosnia, but the US educational system was not familiar to them. However, they ingrained in their daughters that college is an expectation…and Breakthrough Manchester is helping them meet this expectation.

Lajla, in her sixth year at Breakthrough and a senior at Central High School, will begin Criminology studies at St. Anselm in the fall - her first choice for college! A few weeks ago this option didn’t seem accessible, but through consistent and honest communication with the Department of Financial Aid, Lajla received a viable package. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Dalila, just completed her first year of Breakthrough and can’t wait for her 8th-grade summer which will be the first fully in-person Breakthrough summer in 3 years!

Discovering Breakthrough Manchester
During Breakthough’s annual visit to Hillside when Lajla was in 6th grade, she was surprised and delighted to learn this program was just what she needed to help her along her path to college. Talking about being “college-bound” is what initially drew Lajla to the program, but the spirited community and the idea of preparation for classes in the upcoming school year were what hooked her. In addition to completing her sixth and final year of Breakthrough, Lajla joined us as a Teaching Intern this school year.

Although Dalila was only in first grade when Lajla started BTM, she remembers Lajla coming home every day that summer raving about her experience. Naturally, when Chau presented Breakthrough to Dalila's 6th-grade class, she was super excited - even if it was on Zoom! She even filled out the entire application, including her essay, that very day. The excitement mounted when she was asked for an interview and ultimately offered a spot in Breakthrough’s class of 2027! Upon being accepted to the program, Dalila recalls running into Lajla’s room to celebrate!
Favorite Memories
Dalila’s fondest memories from her summer include 4-square, Zumba dances with Deb, and Olympics lunch when water was dumped over her Teaching Fellow’s head. Her most valuable Breakthrough lesson is that everybody can be a teacher and a learner. Although Dalila was learning from her Teaching Fellows, she loved that they would learn things from her too.

One of the things that Lajla loves about Breakthrough Olympics is that you get to know people in different ways as you work together to tackle challenges and support your team. Lajla connected with friends she didn't usually work with. Lajla also learned that teachers are there to help you and you can enjoy conversations that go beyond education. It wasn’t until Lajla became a Teaching Intern this school year that she fully understood the Breakthrough mantra “everybody’s a teacher and a learner.”
Lessons Learned
Collaboration at Breakthrough has truly resonated with Dalila who in school is always expected to take the lead on group projects. At Breakthrough group projects are truly collaborative, everybody pitches in to help out, and the results are much more effective. Speaking up and taking chances helps you in life just like the BTM norm, "Lean into Discomfort" suggests. Breakthrough taught Dalila that failure is okay and you learn best by getting back up to try again!

For Lajla, knowing when to "step up and step back" was the most challenging thing about Breakthrough, but also the norm that has been most valuable. She has learned to step up when she has an idea, and step back to collaborate and compromise when determining what is the best way to do something rather than just the easiest way.

Having experienced strong connections with former Teaching Fellows and knowing there are other students who don’t have the support and guidance they need at home inspired Lajla to step up and become a Teaching Intern to give back to the community that gave so much to her. Stepping up also gave her the advocacy skills to help negotiate her financial aid for Saint Anselm’s.

With Lajla as a Teaching Intern and Dalila a 7th-grade student, the Husejnovic sisters enjoyed a unique opportunity to be Breakthrough Teachers and Learners together!
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