June 15, 2017 

Vanessa Sandoval, Office of Councilmember Sergio Jimenez:, 408-896-3315

Councilmember Sergio Jimenez celebrates purchase of 30 acres of open space in Coyote Valley by Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)

Land previously under review by the City of San Jose for the development of a warehouse distribution center will now be protected

San Jose, Calif. – Councilmember Sergio Jimenez, a longtime advocate for the preservation of open space and protection of Coyote Valley’s natural habitat, is happy to announce that 30 acres of land off Blanchard Road at Monterey Highway – land that was under serious consideration for development of warehouse distribution center – is now forever preserved. 

“This purchase by the Peninsula Open Space Trust is a victory for environmentalists and all who care about the future of our water quality, natural habitats and wildlife,” Councilmember Sergio Jimenez said. “When looking out towards Coyote Valley the hope is to see open green hills, not a 414,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center. I thank POST and its supporters for championing the protection of open space in District 2.”   

Coyote Valley encompasses a unique combination of plant and wildlife habitat, farmland, important water resources, and an essential open space buffer from the urban life. Recent scientific studies have documented rare species and animal movement in Coyote Valley. Mountain lions, badgers, gray foxes, bobcats, and hundreds of bird species are living in and moving through Coyote Valley. These species and others depend on Coyote Valley as a linkage to live in and move between mountain ranges to maintain genetic diversity and overall ecological health, especially in the face of a changing climate. Preserving Coyote Valley is essential to the quality of life in San Jose.  

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