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For HoofPrints to stay in business, the great deals can NOT give away all the profit. And hollering "SALE!" all the time gets to be wearisome - for me and the recipients of my promotional efforts.
Sooo... I put on my creative thinking cap, and I sharpened my pencil. I did a a whole lot of math. Here's the result: 2021 Calendar of Favorite Horse Quotes.
And - because the creative thinking cap was working really well - you'll be seeing a few of my nicest HoofPrints products that coordinate with the quote and the art pictured. Because I am so proud of said products...
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An EXCELLENT GIFT at a great price. COWGIRLS is the kind of book I dream about finding for you all - It's a visual feast of pictures (better than Pinterest), along with well written, informative text that inspires and educates, at a price that's a good value; regular price on this book is $45, it's on sale for $29.95 while supplies last.
COWGIRLS - Women of the Wild West
This huge coffee table book more than fulfills this tall order. First, the pictures. OMG - you can sit in your chair at the end of the day and wander through the equivalent of several museum's worth of artifacts. Big photos of the women, their horses, their tack, beautiful boots and clothes... even the guns they carried - are all here to explore. And it's not just pictures plopped on a page; the text tells, in detail, about the stuff. Example: "Nell Jones commissioned this saddle from Hollywood saddlemaker Edward Bohlin. Bohlin would often buy scrap silver to melt down for saddle castings. Jones spotted a silver punch bowl destined to be melted; she instructed Bohlin to excise it's bull head handles and attach them to her saddle." There's a full page picture of the spectacular result, along with its matching bridle.
And it's not just about wealthy women and their fancy saddles
The author tells us in her introduction; "Throughout this project I struggled to find information proving that the cowgirl was not simply a myth fabricated by Wild West Shows, Hollywood, and television, or another cliché for American independence" . And find, she did. How about these words from early 1900's ranch wife Hallie Stillwell: "As we rode up to Dove Mountain Place, I felt that I had indeed come to the jumping-off place at the end of the world. I somehow knew that I would never be the same again. I found out quickly that I was to live like a man, work like a man, and act like a man, and I was not so sure that I was not a man when it was all over. The Good Lord did give me a mind that could not be governed by a man, and I remained a woman. I feel sure at times that now that this one fact caused me lots of grief, but also lots of happiness."
And the clothes; women's attire back then was cumbersome and restrictive
In 1914 Evelyn Cameron writes that she was discouraged to find that dresses and sidesaddles made it impossible for her to ride a spirited bronc: "It was my unfortunate experience that nearly all the horses I wished to ride were terrified of a woman in a riding habit. Even when I was assisted to the saddle by several men, the horse threw a fit as I raised my leg to put it over the pommel, and, of course, I had the same trouble dismounting. It was clear that to be perfectly independent I must ride old 'dead heads' which were not at all to my taste." And not only do we get to read Evelyn's poignant words about her difficulties with her mounts, we're treated to a full size photo of her, too.
7 Farrier Gift Ideas
In fact, I was most pleased when the pound that I'd gifted my parents at a Labor Day visit was promptly returned to me, along with the proclamation; "It's too strong!" Since the tagline is STRONG ENOUGH TO FLOAT A HORSESHOE, I considered this assessment to be indicative of a successful recipe/blend.

And as selfish as it may sound, I was happy that there was another open bag that we could brew up every morning instead of the cheap grocery store stuff that we usually drink.

We are big coffee drinkers here and us ending up consuming the profits on this product is a very real concern. At any rate, it is strong, but it's tasty, too. Not burnt or bitter. A half pound bag is only $8.95 so you can try it without spending a lot of $$. Several farriers have already asked to reserve this size in quantity for client gifts.
The Quenchwater Coffee logo is available on shirts, too!
Choose between a Longsleeve Thermal and the two tone Baseball Jersey.
Shown here is the catalog page that features the coffee, shirts, and some other accessories, including the new Damascus Steel Patterned Travel Mug . Many horse owners have told me that they buy gifts for their farrier - so I've added several awesome ideas for Christmas.
We've got a Damascus Travel Mug - How about Damascus Socks?
I've been a fan of high quality wool socks for years. I raved about them in my blog post about fixing the fireplace here.
These are not the socks of our grandparents' era (bulky, hot itchy.) These are high tech, durable and comfortable - in a way only natural fiber can be. When I came upon this brand that's totally made in USA - Farm to Feet - and saw they'd named one of their styles DAMASCUS - how could I resist?
Farm to Feet socks are made exclusively using an all-American recipe; US materials, US manufacturing, and US workers. They've named this line of sturdy socks Damascus - for the town in Virginia that hosts Appalachian Trail Days Festival, but the name fits also in that the yarn these are woven of is an exceptional amalgamation of fibers; Merino wool, nylon and Lycra Spandex. They're expensive (as far as socks go) at $20 for ankle and $24 for crew, but get this... They are guaranteed for life. That's right. If you wear them out, return to manufacturer and they will send you a new pair. No questions asked.
Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures
And somehow we ended up with a book showing how to fold fanciful paper horses, along with some super nice sterling silver origami horse jewelry. The jewelry looked nice online, so I ordered samples; was not prepared for how *very* nice that it is. These are tiny (pendant is just 5/8" wide, earrings 3/8"). I thought I'd already seen every way imaginable to make jewelry in the shape of a horse, until this. They're accurate reproductions of folded paper, which happen to also catch the light in a most elegant way. It takes a lot to impress me, and these did.
Book is here, jewelry is here.
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