Growing Confidence and Courage in Women Leaders

Growing Your Confidence & Courage
You hate your job, and you hate your life!

Well, ok,  maybe it's not quite that bad, however, you know if something doesn't change,  it is going to get to that point.

There was a point where I did hate my life

I came home most days exhausted, frustrated and feeling totally incompetent as a leader. I hid the tears at work, but before the end of the day, they would usually escape.

It wasn't 
The brunt of my dissatisfaction with my life came out on my kids and in my marriage. I was fearful I'd never figure it out. I just wanted to do a good job and live a good life. 

Instead, I felt isolated and alone. 
I desperately longed for a different way.

Over time,  I figured it out
I pursued training that developed me. I soaked up knowledge from recommended books. I reached out and asked for help. I drew wisdom from many mentors. I found coaches that challenged me to be authentically me. I got healthier in my body, mind and soul.

It took increased courage and confidence
I courageously stepped outside of my comfort zone again and again. I developed confidence in myself and in those around me. l was passionately determined and I did not give up.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was developing grit.

Grit is what makes the difference

Grit is the determination to persistently pursue what you believe in over the long term. It takes tremendous courage to do that. You must develop unshakable confidence because honestly, it is not always glamorous. In fact, it's downright tough some days. But if you really care about what you are doing, you have to figure this out.

I needed to do some personal growth
Along my journey, I learned, how important my family was to me, but also that I wasn't willing to give up my passion for my work to solely focus on family. I needed to find a way to be strong in my leadership and find some sense of balance in my life.

The difference came when I learned how to focus
My desire led me to learn how to work very hard, to get results and to find enjoyment in life. Productivity isn't about getting lots done. It is about getting the right stuff done at the right time. That ability doesn't come from a time management strategy.

Getting clear on what is important
True productivity comes when you learn about who you really are, how you tick and even more importantly why you do what you do.
That inner knowledge helps you to harness the power within you to transform your thoughts, your behaviours, your experience, and honestly, your life.

Now you get the benefit of my journey

My research, training and life experiences are now passionately invested into Women with Grit: Leading with Courage & Confidence.

I have taken everything I have learned, all that I experienced and continue to experience and I share it with you in that will transform your leadership and your life.

What other women say about the training

But don't trust me. Listen to what other women have said about their experience in this training. 

Women With Grit Leadership Training
Women With Grit Leadership Training

My hope is that you will join me to find your way
I want you to discover how to living fully and passionately doing the work you were meant to do.
Women with Grit: Leading with Courage & Confidence
This is what you get in 6-month training program 

  • Monthly 1-1 Coaching calls
  • 6 Group calls - This the opportunity for learning a different way.
  • 6 Peer to Peer calls - This will help you to development a network of women 
  • The Leadership Circle Profile - Your own leadership assessment
  • Reflective Work - Online lessons jam packed full of good stuff

Hurry, there are only 10 spots!
In October, ten women will join me in this 6-month journey  to transform their leadership and their life. 

Will you be one of those women?

To be one of the 10 women that experience this transformation, click here to set up a Discovery Session with me where we will determine if the program is a good fit for you & you will discover the one thing holding you back from true happiness.

Your investment
The cost of the entire training is $2499.
*Ask me about possible funding options.

This is what you need to do

It's up to you. You can continue on this path of frustration and unhappiness with your life, or you can start to change that today. If you choose to begin the change... 

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