Happy New Year!

I hope 2018 is off to a wonderful start for you and your family, and that you had a blessed and joyful Christmas! We are so excited for everything the new year has in store. We're even more excited to share the journey with you! 2018 is gearing up to be our biggest year yet, with new projects just beginning and the chance to keep working with communities in places like Cameroon, Cuba, and Kenya.

Know of my prayers for you in the new year. May you recognize the Lord's presence in all areas of your life.

Continue reading to see updates about our work in Nigeria and Poland!

300 Children in Nigeria Need Your Help to Keep Their School Open
Just a few days ago, our partner Felicia (you can see her dancing with teachers and students in the video above!) left for Nigeria to get the repairs to Broadrick Street Primary School started. BSPS is a lifeline of hope for hundreds of children stuck in chronic poverty. The school is in danger of closing if its roof can't be replaced. 

Felicia will be in Nigeria for three months, overseeing the work on the school, making sure construction stays on schedule, and that the project stays on budget. 

Felicia is a true example of faith and trust in the Lord: as of her departure on Wednesday, we were only able to provide her with 1/3 of the funds needed to complete these vital repairs. She embarked on her trip anyway because of her confidence that God will provide through the unfailing generosity of Catholic World Mission donors like you.

You can be a champion for this precious school.
50 Polish teens went on mission trips this year--thanks to you.
Pictured above: Missionaries in Poland pictured with the children they designed programs for. Look at those smiles! Their joy is contagious.
Some of the most vital work you support isn't necessarily quantifiable. In 2017, one of the biggest examples of this was the 50 Polish teens who went on mission trips with Regnum Christi. We may never know how many lives they impacted or how many souls they brought to Christ, but one thing is certain: they couldn't have done it without your support.

Thank You.

Your generosity is what makes our mission of alleviating material and spiritual poverty by empowering the poor and sharing the 
Gospel of Christ possible!

 Yours in Christ,

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