Safe Haven Baby 328
Meet baby Angel. We welcomed another little blessing into the world this month. He was born at home, his mom took him to a hospital early in the morning. He is healthy and will be with his forever family very soon. His name is Angel. He is the 328 precious child, 12 little one this year, given a chance at life. 

In the mist of the pandemic, Safe Haven continues to work to ensure that if a pregnant girl is in crisis they (Safe Haven) are there for her and her newborn. To provide her with the resources to make the decisions that are in the best interest for her and that of her unborn child.

The Safe Haven mission is clear, to be the safety net for —
  • The young girl/woman who is hiding her pregnancy and provide her with the support she needs before she gives birth 
  • To offer the resources for her to make informed decisions that will affect her and her unborn child for the rest of their lives
  • To offer her a non-judgmental place to turn to for help, where she will not be chastised or turned away

Safe Haven has partnered with different organizations throughout all 67 Florida counties to provide the expectant mothers with the resources they need. Be it a referral for counseling, parenting, health-related issues, adoption, or placing their newborn with Safe Haven.