32nd Ward Newsletter November 12, 2021
Dear Neighbor

As you may have heard, the Chicago Park District Board President resigned this week amidst the fallout from ongoing reports and ​​investigations into sexual harassment and violence against young lifeguards ​at public beaches and pools. ​​This resignation does not end the need for systemic and cultural change throughout the Park District.

It is appropriate that the Board President, Avis LaVelle, resigned from the board, but we still need to work for justice for these young women -- victims of abuse and harassment that goes back decades. The ​Cook County ​States Att​orne​y must fully investigate and prosecute on behalf of the victims. We still need accountability throughout the Park District, new leadership, new supervisors, as well as real changes to policies and procedures that ensure the safety of all ​lifeguards, and all ​workers​ within the Park District system.

The next public hearing on ward remapping/redistricting will take place virtually in the City Council Committee on Committees and Rules. The time and date will be Monday, November 15, 2021 at 3:00 P.M. Access is available via the City Clerk website here.

Starting next week, Wolcott at Diversey will be closed during the day due to ongoing underground work in the area. Please make arrangements to find another route to your home or work during the closure. More details are below.

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is seeking community input​ at the next 19th District Community conversation meeting on November 23; see details on the meeting below. The violent incidents taking place in the 19th District will be a topic for the police to discuss and receive input on for the 2022 district strategic plan.

Winter heating bills will likely be rising this year. In order to help customers in the greatest need, bill payment assistance is available through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Share the Warmth program. To see if they are eligible and apply, Peoples Gas customers can call the Community Economic Development Association (CEDA) at 800-571-2332, or go to cedaorg.net. We have more details posted below.

Have a safe weekend,

Scott Waguespack
32nd Ward Alderman
Public Safety
Upcoming 14th and 19th District CAPS Meetings
19th District 2nd Community Meeting for Strategic Plan
Until further notice, all CAPS meetings will be held virtually. If you are in the 14th or 18th District, please email your district in order to get the Zoom link to your specific meeting and sign up for other community alerts and updates about public safety 32nd Ward.

November Meetings
14th Police District- 
1413- November 16, 6:30pm
1431- November 18, 6:30pm
1432- November 17, 6:30pm
14th District CAPS- 312-744-1261
19th Police District-
1921- November 17, 6:30pm, Meeting ID: 848 4924 6773, Passcode: 390796
1931- November 23, 6:30pm, Meeting ID: 811 8955 3379, Passcode: 995403
19th District CAPS- 312-744-0064
19th District Community Police Meeting
The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is seeking community input​ at the next 19th District Community conversation meeting on November 23. See the flyer for more details. ​

During the Community Conversations, ​the District and other CPD staff will solicit input on ​neighborhood concerns, crime enforcement and community engagement for 2022. Continuing concerns include carjackings, vehicle thefts, bar/restaurant license violations, and quality of life problems and burglaries.

Participants are split into smaller work groups and speak to the staff who will compile all the work group input for the district.

Your participation is needed and appreciated.

Please register for the event via the CPD Eventbrite page (Eventbrite does not charge for this registration).

The Beat meeting for 1931 was scheduled for the same time as the Community Conversation, so any input on the 1931 Beat from residents would be taken at the 6 p.m. meeting. The shooting incident initiated by a catalytic converter thief on Thursday took place on this beat at 2900 N. Wolcott. Details on the incident can be found here via CWB.
Street Sweeping WINDING DOWN

Next week is the last week of posted street sweeping for the year. Street sweeping will continue but will be weather dependent. Please make sure to move your vehicle on your scheduled day (south and east sides of the street are normally done on the first day, north and west on the second; please watch for signs).  The sections of the 32nd Ward to be swept this coming week will be sections 7 and 8 (parts of Lakeview).  Please take the time to help clear debris from the curb in front of your property to keep the sewers flowing well. Please do not sweep landscaping debris into the street. Any landscaping debris should be bagged and put in the alley.
Wolcott/Diversey Street Closure Starting Next Week

Additional excavation is required for ongoing repair work at Diversey and Wolcott by ComEd. It will involve a shut down of northbound and southbound lanes on Wolcott during working hours. The road closure is anticipated to begin early next week and is anticipated to last until 11/17/21. Access to the residences adjacent to the work area will remain available from the alley south of Diversey Pkwy.

Armitage Ave. (Western to Kennedy) Water Main Update

Water quality chlorinated and approved the new water main on the south side of Armitage between Western and Damen. Both crews will transfer the water services from the old water main to the new water main; residents will be notified prior. The street will likely be resurfaced by the restoration contractor in the spring as asphalt plants are closing down for the construction season.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you can either ask the construction foreman of the project, or call any of the following numbers:  
  • 24-Hour Service and Information Line: 311
  • Anthony Falada, General Superintendent of Water: 312-617-2218 
  • 32nd Ward Office - 773-248-1330 
Westbound traffic remains closed throughout the project.  Please drive carefully and take extra time to go slowly and safely through the neighborhood! 
CPD Robbery Awareness Tips

  • Always try to walk, jog, or ride your bike with a partner.
  • Always use the more heavily traveled streets and sidewalks. While some alleys might seem more convenient, don't take the chance of making yourself a victim of crime.
  • Walk with energy, confidence, and purpose. Hold your head up, look around constantly, be alert, and check your surroundings. Don't make it obvious if you are in unfamiliar territory.
  • Avoid wearing headphones and talking/texting on your phone. One of the main thefts is of smartphones. Make sure not to put yours on display. You also need to be able to see and hear who is approaching from all directions.
  • If a person is walking towards you, make sure to look at them in the eye. A robber is less likely to pick you as a target if they think you will be able to give a good description of them.
  • Beware of pickpockets, especially in crowded areas. Thieves often work in pairs. One may bump you or cut you off, while the other is picking your pocket.
  • Never feel uncomfortable about calling 911 if you see someone acting suspiciously. Make sure you can give a proper description of the person to the call taker; in particular, any distinguishing marks (tattoos, scars, etc). When looking at clothes, always look at the shoes. Someone can take off their coat when running away, but is unlikely to change shoes.
  • Try not to carry bulky purses, bags, or parcels. Purse flaps should be secured and turned toward the body at all times. Wallets should be carried in an inside coat pocket and cash in a front pants pocket. Always keep at least one hand free.
  • If you do take the bus alone at night, sit by the driver, stay awake and alert, and have someone meet you at your stop. If you travel by taxi, have the driver watch you safely enter your destination.
  • Never get in or out of your vehicle without doing a visual sweep of the immediate area for suspicious persons. Be sure that your doors are locked and windows closed.
  • Keep your family or friends advised of your whereabouts and what time you are supposed to arrive or return.
  • Consider carrying a whistle or other noisemaker, and sound it loudly if you are accosted or feel threatened. Use your car horn to alert others.
CPD Carjacking Prevention Tips

  • Lock all doors and keep windows rolled up at all times-even if you are parked or only driving for only a short distance.
  • When approaching your vehicle, have your keys in hand, ready to open the door. The few seconds you save fumbling for your keys may keep you from becoming a victim.
  • Keep your eyes moving and your head on a swivel. Often, if a criminal senses that a victim has observed him, they’ll look for an easier victim. 
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel something is wrong, turn around and leave the area. 
  • Take special care when stopped in traffic for anyone approaching your vehicle. Sound your horn to attract attention if approached by a suspicious person.
  • Sometimes carjackers or thieves driving behind you will bump your rear fender, expecting you to pull over right away. If your vehicle is tapped in the rear, do not pull over, especially at night or in unfamiliar places. Instead, drive to a well-lit, secure area with other people such as a gas station or, better still, a police facility to report the accident.
  • When stopping in traffic at a stop sign or light, make sure you leave enough room in front of you to be able to maneuver and escape if necessary. Rule of thumb- if you can’t see the rear tires of the car in front of you touch the pavement, you’re too close.
  • Always try to park in well-lit, heavily traveled areas, as close to your destination as possible. An attended parking lot is ideal, as criminals hate having witnesses.
  • Never leave your car with the motor running, even if only for a minute to run into a store or your home.
  • Gas stations, car washes, and drive up ATM sites are often the venue for a carjacking. Drivers are distracted and easily surprised by criminals.
  • Shoppers loading packages into their vehicles are often targeted because they are distracted. 
  • Be wary of people near your vehicle who ask for directions or money or other possible distractions. They may be working with a partner who will attempt to take your keys and your vehicle.
  • Drive in the center lane away from curbs and sidewalks.
  • Keep your cell phone in your pocket. If your vehicle is stolen, you’ll have a way to call 911, rather than being stranded without a way to call for help.
  • Carry a card listing your license plate number, VIN, engine type, and body style. Relay this information to the police quickly if your car is stolen.
  • If you are a victim, cooperate with the suspect. Make a mental note of the suspect’s description (height, age, clothing, tattoos, scars, etc), their vehicle’s description, and report it to the police as soon as possible.
Daily Parking Passes
The pink 2021 Daily Residential Parking Permits will expire on December 31st, 2021. We are now selling the blue 2022 passes. The blue 2022 passes can be used immediately and will not expire until December 31st, 2022. Please make sure to use up any pink ones before the end of the year as they cannot be exchanged for the blue 2022 ones, nor can you get a refund.

You can also purchase your stickers online at chicityclerk.com.
*** 2022 Shared Cost Sidewalk Program Opens to New Applicants on January 10, 2022 from 6AM to 10PM ***

The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program is a voluntary program in which property owners can share the cost of sidewalk repair with the City. Thousands of Chicagoans have been a part of this program, taking advantage of the low cost, exceptional value, and ease of participation.

The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program cost per square foot charged to property owners is well below what a private contractor would charge. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities may qualify for a further discounted rate.

Applications will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of participants is based on availability of funds. The program typically reaches capacity quickly, so you are encouraged to apply early. Please note that if you applied for the program in previous years, you must apply again in 2022 if you wish to be considered for the 2022 program. Applications will only be accepted through the City’s 311 system by calling 311, through the City’s service request website https://311.chicago.gov, or through the free CHI311 mobile apps on iOS Apple and Android. The property owner’s contact information and the property address are required at the time of request.
Additional Dwelling Unit Webinar

The Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) webinar is ready and will be going live in a zoom event this coming Tuesday, November 16th from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. AARP has a blog on support for ADUs here.

Did you know that Chicago’s new Additional Dwelling Unit ordinances allow people to convert attics, basements, and backyards into livable spaces for their loved ones?

What are ADUs?

As small houses or apartments that exist on the same property lot as a single-family residence, Additional Dwelling Units — or ADUs — play a major role in keeping your loved ones close and allowing them to age in place. This home type is re-emerging as an affordable and flexible housing option that meets the needs of older adults and young families alike.

Learn more about what an ADU is here.

Webinar Registration info: 
Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021
6:30 – 7:30 p.m. CT.
Register in advance here.
It Is Not Too Late to Sign Up for 2021
Child Tax Credit Payments
The Federal American Rescue Plan increased the amount of the 2021 Child Tax Credit to support families with children. The full benefit of the Child Tax Credit is now $300 per month per child under age 6 and $250 per month for each child age 6 to 17. Most families are already signed up! If you’ve filed tax returns for 2019 or 2020, or if you signed up to receive a stimulus check from the IRS, you will get the monthly Child Tax Credit automatically.
If you didn’t make enough to be required to file taxes in 2020 or 2019, you can still get benefits. Low-income families with children are eligible for this crucial tax relief. These payments do not count as income for any family, so signing up won’t affect your eligibility for other federal benefits like SNAP and WIC. Now through Nov. 15, the Administration is offering a simplified Non-Filer Sign-up Tool for you to claim your Child Tax Credit payments. If you do not sign up in time for monthly payments in 2021, you will receive the full benefit when you file your taxes in 2022.
New Job Portal for Concessions Jobs at Chicago Airports
The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has launched a new job portal to provide job seekers with a convenient way to apply for employment opportunities with concessionaires at O’Hare and Midway International Airports.
Collectively, O’Hare and Midway International Airports have over 130 retail, food, beverage, and services employment opportunities available. Job seekers can submit their resumes directly to the hiring manager or apply on an employer’s career website via the portal. To view available employment opportunities, job seekers can visit the Concessions Job Portal at FlyChicago.com/concessionsjobs.
Civilian Office of Police Accountability Job Position

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is currently seeking applicants for the position of Major Case Specialist. This position functions as lead investigator in sworn police officer-involved death investigations as defined by the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act. It investigates allegations of excessive force or official misconduct against members of the Chicago Police Department, including cases involving serious injury, multiple complaints, and shooting incidents, and performs related duties as required
COPA is committed to hiring well-qualified applicants who can continue to help expand the mission of timeliness, accountability, and transparency.
The deadline for applications is November 19 and you can find the job description here.
Illinois Rental Payment Program - Round 2: How to Apply Webinar
The State of Illinois has been a leader in distributing emergency rental assistance funding from the federal government to prevent evictions and help both renters and rental property owners maintain stable, affordable housing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The statewide program administered by the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) will be open for applications from November 8 to December 5, 2021. The program assists both renters and housing providers.

There will be hosting a webinar on November 17 from 3:30 pm - 5 pm for an in-depth tutorial of the online application process, presented by a member of IHDA's Strategic Response leadership team. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

To register, click here.
Assistance Available for Heating Bills

In order to help customers in the greatest need, bill payment assistance is available through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Share the Warmth program. To see if they are eligible and apply, Peoples Gas customers can call the Community Economic Development Association (CEDA) at 800-571-2332, or go to cedarorg.net.

Separate from this financial assistance, Peoples Gas will work with any customers to arrange a payment plan that best fits their needs, and to set up Budget Billing that keeps bills stable from month to month. Customers can call Peoples Gas or go to peoplesgasdelivery.com to discuss available options.
Free Home Energy Assessments

ComEd has partnered with local natural gas utilities to offer free in-person or virtual home energy assessments for single-family homes, two-flats, condos, and townhomes. Renters in these building types are eligible, with permission from their landlord. Multi-family building energy assessments for landlords or property managers are also available.

The assessment includes a free inspection to determine energy-saving products. The free products ComEd offers are LED bulbs, energy-efficient showerheads and aerators, hot water pipe insulation, and programmable thermostats. Smart thermostats are available for purchase at a discount. ComEd energy advisors will install the products at no cost during in-home assessments and will send the customer products during virtual assessments.

For more details, go to the ComEd Energy Assessments webpage. To schedule an assessment, call 855-433-2700.
Lakeview Tree Lighting Ceremony
Come celebrate the kickoff of the holiday season in Lakeview with the lighting of Lakeview's community Christmas tree! Enjoy live performances and a special visit from Santa. The festivities will take place directly outside St. Alphonsus on the corner of Lincoln/Wellington/Southport. This program is funded by SSA 27. Learn more at www.LakeviewRoscoeVillage.Org/TreeLighting

Sunday, November 21, 2021
6 pm - 7:30 pm
Corner of Southport & Wellington
Chicago Police Department (CPD) Webinar

The Chicago Police Department invites you to attend a webinar on its Human Rights policy and Prohibition of Racial Profiling policy. During the webinar, you will hear from members of CPD as they explain the current policies and offer ways for you to provide your input on revisions to them.

Monday, November 15th at 6:30pm
Virtual – on Zoom

For any additional questions, please email Community@chicagopolice.org
Lakeview Roscoe Village Businesses - It's Time to Reserve Ad Space in the 2022 Neighborhood Guide!

The Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber is gearing up to produce their annual Lakeview & Roscoe Village Neighborhood Guide, to be published in February 2022. This guide will allow you to promote your business and is delivered to Lakeview and Roscoe Village residents. 18,500 single-family homes in West Lakeview and Roscoe Village with additional distribution by the Chamber throughout the year, for a total of 21,000 copies in circulation! And if you're a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you get a free listing, so don't miss out!

In order to get listed, contact Dave Keene at 484-793-1291 or dkeene@tspubs.com regarding advertising opportunities, and download the media kit for additional details here (PDF). Or contact Colton Davis at colton@lrvcc.org regarding Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber membership and your free directory listing.

The Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber's service area is bounded by the Chicago River on the west and Racine Ave. on the east. West of Ravenswood Ave., our service area extends from Diversey Pkwy. on the south to Addison St. on the north. East of Ravenswood Ave., our service area extends from Diversey Pkwy. on the south to Irving Park Rd. on the north.
ComEd Energy Force Ambassador Program

The 2022 application for the ComEd Energy Force Ambassador Program is open now through Friday, December 3rd. This is a one-of-a-kind program that trains adults with developmental disabilities to serve as ambassadors for ComEd's Energy Efficiency Program. Energy Force was the country's first energy-efficiency education program taught by people with disabilities. Selected ambassadors will engage with our customers and help them understand the benefits of energy efficiency and conservation at home. 
Organizations selected to participate in the Energy Force program will receive a $7,500 contribution to cover costs, including an ambassador stipend for their participation (amount is at their discretion) and any staff, travel, or other costs associated with event coordination.
The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) offers free business education workshops or webinars every Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being offered as webinars. Topics include business licensing, operations, financial resources, marketing, and more. Programs are free and open to the public and taught by industry professionals, not-for-profit agencies, and government agencies.

Wednesday, 11/17 Webinar at 3:00 PM
Making The Most of Holiday Marketing
Presented by Score Chicago

Holiday time provides a variety of opportunities to engage with customers and boost sales. Learn marketing insights, tips and ideas for how you can maximize Holiday marketing for your small business.

Friday, 11/19 Webinar at 9:30 AM
Laser-Focused Target Marketing
Presented by Shelby Parchman, InUrban Strategies, LLC

Identifying the right target market allows an entrepreneur to focus on the specific people or organizations most likely to purchase their product or service. In most cases, the chosen target market is too broad and leads to ineffective marketing or a poor return on your investment of time and money. This workshop will provide techniques on how to use demographic and psychographic data to hone in on the best target market for your business.

No Webinars on Wednesday, 11/24 or 11/26 due to the Thanksgiving Holiday

Please email BACPoutreach@cityofchicago.org with any webinar questions.
Visit BACP’s YouTube for all webinars.
Protect Chicago 77 Vaccination Certification
Protect Chicago 77 is a citywide community engagement campaign to ensure that 77 percent of all Chicagoans ages 12 and up have started their COVID-19 vaccination series by the end of the year. Promise to do your part to Protect Chicago and help our city recover from the pandemic. Learn more by visiting Chi.gov/77Pledge.

Chicago business owners, show your commitment to protecting Chicago by requiring proof of vax from patrons and employees. Complete the self-certification and post your badge at your business and on social media!

Learn more by visiting the Business Vax Self-Certification webpage.