Do you think of a bold and noble person? Someone who endures torture and defends the faith? Or maybe someone who has supernatural strength of body and soul?
Over the past 18 years, we’ve had 36 members of our VOMK team whose lives have ended in martyrdom. None of these

individuals were the boldest preachers nor where they the best seminary students. They were not even known for their self-control or pain tolerance.
Warmly in Christ,
Pastor & Dr. Foley

Each box contains a Children's Bible, video player and digital curriculum packaged together that is distributed by Chinese house church networks to Christian children and families across China.

We recently received the news that the Eritrean government has released 27 Christian prisoners. Eritrea is known as the "North Korea of Africa" and
most prisoners are kept in metal shipping containers. Many Christians have been imprisoned in Eritrea for more than 10 years. But we praise God for this good news of the Christians' release!

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Pray for the discipleship of marooned defectors stuck on the defection trail – The Coronavirus pandemic has meant an increase in travel restrictions in many areas in China. For many defectors on the defection trail, this means that they cannot take the next steps. VOMK does not help North Koreans to defect, but, partnering with the North Korean underground church, we are committed to discipling North Koreans wherever they are found. Please pray for the discipleship of North Korean defectors who are found marooned on the defection trail. 

Pray for underground Christians in North Korea whose lives are threatened by the pandemic– The North Korean government denies the presence of the Coronavirus in North Korea. The only case that they have announced was that of a North Korean defector who returned to North Korea from South Korea. However, we have confirmed from multiple sources within the underground church in North Korea that the virus is severely affecting the people of North Korea. Please pray for the health of underground Christians in North Korea, as well as that of all North Koreans.