February 15th, 2022 Vending Technology News
365 Markets knows that vending options come in different shapes and sizes, this is why they offer two different platforms for operators to choose from with their PicoVend and PicoVend Mini. 

About The PicoVend And PicoVend Mini 

PicoVend – The industry standard for the contactless vending experience. PicoVend is an innovative touchless solution that is used on Pico Coolers and it gives consumers the option to make payments from their smartphones.  

PicoVend Mini – An ideal addition to any vending fleet, the PicoVend mini will fit on most vending machine models in addition to providing on-screen nutritional information. 

Thanks to Camlock Systems, it’s easier than ever before for operators to guard your valuable vending machines against unauthorized entry because they offer a variety of smart locking systems that are designed to suit any vending machine. 

Protect Your Vending Machine Assets 
Regardless of the unmanned environments that a vending machine is placed in, operators can have peace of mind in knowing that their machines are protected because Camlock Systems offers a variety of solutions that make unauthorized access to a vending machine impossible. 

Since the start of the pandemic, more consumers than ever before want to have touchless options to complete their transactions regardless of whether they are buying foods or beverages at a micro-market or from a vending machine. 

With the pandemic stretching into its 3rd year, it makes sense for every vending or micro-market business to offer touchless transactions because the demand for these types of transactions is here to stay. 

Thanks to Three Square Market, it’s easy for every vending business to now offer their customers the convenience of touchless transactions without having to spend a lot of time or money integrating those solutions into their business.  

The IVM Black Box has been developed by a partnership with Intel’s intelligent vending department, and the International Vending Alliance (IVA), the IVM black box offers operators a ‘one size fits all’ solution that they can use to upgrade their existing vending machines into the 21st century. 

About The IVM Black Box 
Convenience, ease of use and flexibility are some of the words that describe the IVM black box but what can it do for a business? Some of the features that it offers includes: 

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