Vending Technology News May 1st , 2018
Vending Technology News
The Conected Campus
The 365Pay mobile app is at the heart of the Connected Campus.

Y ou may have already heard about 365 Retail Markets because they are the global leader in MicroMarket technology, but did you know that they also specialize in a wide range of convenience service technologies designed to boost revenue and customer satisfaction in vending, MicroMarket and foodservice locations? Since 2008, the folks at 365 have worked tirelessly to connect people to products at the place where they spend most of their time -- work.

The MicroMarket
The nanomarket is a tablet-based device for smaller locations.
As their suite of products continued to grow, 365 recognized the need to streamline the consumer experience. Enter the Connected CampusSM. The Connected Campus seamlessly connects your MicroMarket, OCS, vending and dining products with one Global Market Account (GMA), creating the first fully integrated consumer experience in the workplace!

The 365 nanomarket

Vagabond viv
Convenience service operators can wholesale products from their warehouse for consumers to order.
Vagabond announced the release of vīv Delivery, a targeted local commerce solution for route operators and their accounts. vīv Delivery adds new revenue streams while making operators the centerpiece of business in their local community.

vīv Delivery is based on the premise that operators in the convenience services industry should provide comprehensive market, breakroom and catering services to accounts and rightfully take a slice of the dollars spent on all products consumed in the workplace.

vīv Delivery allows consumers and businesses to order select items for delivery from their favorite local merchants while allowing merchants to offer product to consumers in a targeted manner.


OptConnect Headache Free Connectivity

AVI Foodsystems Inc., the Warren, Ohio based refreshment services provider, was able to secure customers' credit card payments using a PCI-validated P2PE solution, according to a recent report by Bluefin Payment Systems, a payment security service provider.

PCI validated P2PE is designed to secure credit card data through encryption in a PCI-approved P2PE payment terminal. Encrypting data within the device prevents clear-text cardholder data from reaching the POS system where it could be exposed in the event of a data breach.

AVI Foodsystems advised its payment processor, Nodus Technologies, that it wanted to adopt a PCI-validated P2PE solution to secure customers' credit card payments.


Shelfx Merchandisers Now Accept Venmo App 

The door unlocks in 10 seconds after the customer enters the number in the app.
Customers can now use the Venmo app to purchase products at Shelfx  automated merchandising and inventorying merchandisers that use weight-sensing shelves and near field  communication 
identification technology .

The customer searches for Shelfx on their Venmo app or scans a QR code displayed on the machine. They then send $10 to Shelfx which will create an account in their name.

To open the machine, the customer enters the machine's number in the Venmo note before sending funds. The door will unlock in about 10 seconds.

"As long as you keep a balance of $10 and above, you can open the fridge and take whatever you want," said Ran Margalit, CEO of Shelfx.

The customer receives an email receipt. Payment authentication options also include fingerprint and facial recognition.
The cloud-based software allows customers to set up and manage their account online and lets merchants manage operations with a mobile-based management application. As long as customers keep a minimum $10 balance on the app, they can continue to buy from the machine.
"This allows operators to accept Venmo on existing fridges today without the need to install any new hardware," Margalit said. 

Nayax_ Accept Chip Cards_

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