What has helped me and many of my clients get through challenging times is to focus on the positive things we have in our lives vs. the negative.
One of the exercises I sometimes do in my coaching and training programs is to have everyone make a gratitude list of what they are thankful for.
To keep an attitude of gratitude, start every day by making your list of what you are grateful for. Here are some suggestions:
·          Family
·          Spouse/Significant other
·          Something someone gave you
·          Friends
·          The city you live in
·          List 5 things you like about you
·          Someone who inspires you
·          Your favorite personality trait
·          A challenge you've overcome
·          Simple things in life
·          A talent you have
·          Things you like about spring
·          Something you take for granted
·          The weather
·          Health
·          A friend
·          Something you use every day
·          Favorite physical trait
·          A book you learned from
·          Education
·          Someone you got to meet
·          Favorite spot in your city
·          Your past
·          Someone you helped
·          A city you visited
·          Music you love
·          What you do for fun
·          Technology
·          Opportunities you've been given
·          Lessons learned this year
·          Greatest accomplishment
·          Something you look forward to
·          Your current age
·          Your favorite memory
·          Your neighborhood
·          Your home
·          Something you created
·          What are your blessings?  

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