Carime (Cari) Lightner
September 5, 1966 – May 3, 1980


When my daughter Cari was killed on May 3rd 1980 by a multiple repeat offender drunk driver, it unleashed a firestorm inside of me that drove me to launch a movement that became a household name: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Since that time, I founded another organization, We Save Lives (WSL), in 2014, that more directly changes laws in the following three lifesaving areas:

We work to do all of this through a community of advocates and volunteers with your support.

I am here today to honor the anniversary of my daughter’s short life, and to ask for your help.

We Save Lives has given new meaning to the word accountability and justice for those whose loved ones were killed or injured by distracted, drunk or drugged driving (the 3 D’s).

Our ongoing work to pass tougher laws improves the chances that law enforcement can get these criminals (and repeat 3 D Drivers) off the road and keep them off. We want to keep you and your loved ones safe.

We Save Lives has launched numerous programs including a new focus on passenger safety.

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved. 

All because my daughter died and I was angry.

Cari lived her short life to the fullest and in death her life has continued to resonate each time a drunk driver is removed from the roads, sentenced to prison, thinks twice before driving impaired again, or is stopped by someone before they drive.

She continues to save lives.

You can continue to help change dangerous driving choices.

You are the solution that will keep these drivers off the roads and protect you, your family and your friends.

Thank you,   

You have the ability to change the culture of acceptance surrounding death and injury on our roadways.

You can give now through our website or send a check to:
Candace Lightner
We Save Lives
3305 Wyndham Circle #155
Alexandria VA 22302
Thank you, as always for caring about this deadly epidemic.

Your safety is always our priority.

Because we care . . .
We Save Lives depends upon contributions and sponsorships to help fund our ongoing drunk, drugged and distracted driving campaigns. These include our Drop the "A" Word petition drive, Action Alerts, Passenger Safety, Legislative support, and our Celebration of Life program, honoring victims and survivors of drunk, drugged and distracted driving and boating. If you are interested in Giving Back to your community and saving lives please consider becoming a We Save Lives sponsor. You may contact us at