Welcome Mark Segerstrom to the We Save Lives' Team as our new Director of Communications!

As a Chiropractor in Portland, Maine for twenty years Mark saw and treated patients of motor vehicle crashes. He helped thousands recover from the musculoskeletal injuries you might expect to see from such crashes. He has spent the last ten years speaking and educating corporate employees about driving safely to prevent such injuries.

Recently, as the Director of Nebraska’s Highway Safety Office, he specialized in creating partnerships with statewide organizations including local health departments and hospitals. Public health is a large component to a successful driver safety campaign and part of the 4E’s; Emergency Medical Services, Education, Enforcement and Engineering. Mark developed many campaigns working closely with family survivors in sharing the importance of being a careful and engaged driver to prevent such tragedies.

Mark is the genius behind our social media posts that include thought provoking and enlightening videos that we encourage you to share. You can see these videos by clicking on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linked in accounts. If you aren't following us already, please do and help us encourage safe driving by sharing our posts. We share yours.

Thank you.