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Pennsylvania workshops April 10-12
Last Spring Workshops
These workshops got pushed back a couple of weeks, and are the last public Fit Kit classes for the first half of the year.  If you are on the fence, jump off and book now.
Fitting Technology
3D Aero by Velogicfit
If you are fitting triathletes or TT specialists, and would like to offer a higher level of service, get a hold of the Velogicfit 3D Aero product. Using a Microsoft Kinect camera and a computer generated green screen you can assess the impact of positional changes on the drag coefficient through a 3D frontal area assessment.
Sizing is Not Fitting
Defining Bike Fit
Our cycling customers' have many impressions of bike fitting, not all of them good and not all of them accurate.  It's important we communicate what we mean by a "bike fit" to educate our customers and clarify expectations.
Although I consider pre-purchase sizing using the Fit Kit, or Velogicfit Advanced Bike Finder (or another sizing protocol) a subset of bike fitting, it should not be presented as a bike fit.

Sizing is not fitting. Sizing is used to help a customer make a bike buying decision, and can also be used by a fitter to kick off a fit session. Static sizing involves using body measurements and other information to make recommendations.  Dynamic sizing involves using a size cycle to determine a fit position, and make a bike recommendation from this. Sizing can be part of a bike sales process or part of a bike fit process, but should not be interpreted by a customer as a "bike fit".
Elevating the Cyclist's
Riding Experience.

Size. Fit. Ride!