August 2017
Can Google Make 3D Video Cool Again?
Google is attempting to resurrect 3D video to compliment a new approach to virtual reality called VR180. This new format delivers a stereoscopic 3D image with a 180-degree field of view. To date, most VR cameras (at least the consumer-oriented ones) capture a 360-degree field of view, but at 2D. Now, Google's innovation could add greater dimensionality. Read more.
Chinese Video Streaming Market: How Big Can It Get?  
China is not a mature streaming video subscriber market like the U.S. and Western Europe. Yet, it is poised to become the largest streaming media country in the world, thanks to more Chinese consumers watching video content online, a rapid adoption of smartphones and the growing penetration of broadband internet. Because established services like Netflix and Amazon have been (mostly) shut out of the Chinese market, local providers are staking their claim. Learn who the early players are and who is gaining ground.  
How Disruptive Will Bluetooth Mesh Be?
Bluetooth's range and data limitations have made it a second cousin to Wi-Fi, especially in home and office automation networks, but that's about to change. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group's recently released Bluetooth Mesh v1.0 specification promises to be disruptive-plus. Read more.
Case Study: DTV Transition on an Island    
A small island in the Caribbean was transitioning the nation's broadcast system from analog to digital terrestrial TV, or DTT. In addition to educating consumers, the government broadcast regulator needed to prepare those who would ultimately assist in the transition, including broadcasters, retailers, suppliers and other DTV stakeholders. Communication and education needed to focus on the reasons for the transition, how it would impact individual groups and what they needed to do to receive signals.
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