3DE@Roswell Update

Hello Freshman Hornet Students and Families! It has been such an incredible two months of school and hopefully, you're off to a phenomenal start. If you feel it's been less than stellar, give it time. A ton of growth and maturity happens in freshman year. This year holds so much possibility. After all, a new principal in the building is sure to keep us on our toes, 3DE teachers are gelling as a teacher cohort, and we've taken students off campus for the first time in a long time! As we progress through this year remember to be kind to one another, slow down to take in the scenery (and check your email) from time to time, and students - swing by the 3DE Office in room 720 and say hi to Ms. Scalese, the 3DE Director. She and the 3DE teachers are in your corner and want to see you succeed.
Shape Your Mindset Series with Sara Blakey
The Shape Your Mindset by Sara Blakely Series is designed, and narrated, by Blakely, the successful Founder and Chairwoman of SPANX. Through a partnership with 3DE, Sara shares her experience, to engage 3DE students in discovering their purpose, setting goals, and pursuing their dreams with intentionality and confidence. Just as she dreamed big and pushed past many challenges, Sara wants to support 3DE students charting their paths to post-secondary success and fulfillment.
We kicked off the year with our Shape Your Mindset Series by Sara Blakely. Ask your student about the mindset lessons in their 3DE classes. Our teacher cohort each took a piece of the series.
Intro to Mindset in Marketing
Hello Purpose in ELA
Aiming High in Biology
Reframing Failure in Algebra
Fill in the Blanks in Marketing
Self-Direction Case Study with Truist
August brought our first case study - a two-week dive into the competency of self-direction with Truist. Students set both short- and long-term goals using the analytical tool of S.M.A.R.T. goals. Students experienced 3DE coaching for the first time and used that coaching feedback to complete their first case deliverable. Check out the first page of the case overview below!
Effective Collaboration with Elavon
In September we launched our first full case challenge cycle - we call it:
9.2 Effective Collaboration with Elavon.
Students were able to:
  • dive into our model by further researching Elavon as a company, and digging deeper into Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • use the analytical tool of a personality inventory to find out more about ourselves as teammates. *Ask your student what compass direction point they find themselves most aligned with and what are some key takeaways about their collaboration style.
  • have the opportunity to engage in coaching with some of Elavon and US Bank's top leaders during their business coaching sessions hosted in our Media Center.
  • work on their competency of effective collaboration, by assuming the role of a member of Elavon's Community Outreach team to create 3-5 minute presentations, outlining their ideas on what community organizations Elavon can collaborate with to reach and improve the local community.
  • sharpened their leadership skills with a focus on behavioral indicators of:
  • embracing responsibility in a broad range of contexts.
  • inspiring and enabling others through communication and responsibility
  • investing attention to the team's success
  • present team solutions to peers in Roswell's Board Room located in our Media Center.
  • experience an off-site, conference-style Culminating Event hosted by Elavon at The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North.

All in all, our inaugural cohort of students and teachers has hit the ground running with a strong and successful first Case Challenge!
CONGRATULATIONS to our first Case Challenge Champions!
Shouting out our four Roswell chase challenge champion teams presented their solutions to Elavon and US Bank's panel of judges at our culminating event.
And the winning team is...

Dalton Peek & Savannah Shepard
Yari San-Roman was absent.
During each case challenge cycle, our 3DE teachers will honor a STUDENT OF THE MOMENT. Take a "moment" and read why each student was selected below.
Best Dressed
People's Choice Awards
One of Georgia's Marketing Standards is: Present a professional image through appearance, behavior, and language. During many 3DE experiences, we will be providing opportunities for our students to practice and find their professional image. We used a People's Choice Awards format to vote for the top four Best Dressed.

Zaria Turner, Jacob Patanian, Nia White, and Samuel Cody
What's next???
We are partnering with Iron Mountain as students focus on our core competency of Critical & Analytical Thinking. Teachers will be creating opportunities for students to sharpen their behavioral indicator of Objective Analysis though
·      Evidence and Data Significance 
·      Challenging Bias
·      Real-World Limitations
Across our classrooms, students will be using the analytical tool of a decision tree to understand concepts and demonstrate their skill with the tool in providing their rationale for case challenge deliverable solutions.
Your 3DE@Roswell Team
LaToya Miley, Roswell Principal
Tonekia Phairr, Roswell AP
Lisa Maire Scalese, 3DE School Director
Sam Kendig, 3DE Honors ELA Teacher
Debra-Ann Rufolo, 3DE ELA Teacher
Jennifer Samacicio, 3DE Algebra Teacher
Joey Will, Marketing Principles and 3DE Launch Teacher
Cathy Washington, 3DE Biology Teacher