If your firm is involved in the
3M Combat Earplug litigation,
Verus is here to help.

Our servicemen and women deserve the best. If your firm is involved in the 3M Combat earplug litigation, let Verus help you manage your cases. We can assist with the following:
Intake review
Verus reviews the initial intake and related documentation to determine if additional information is needed. If so, Verus will contact the claimant and work with them to get the necessary information for your law firm. 
Medical records acquisition and review
Verus works with you to understand the specific information that your firm needs to develop a successful claim. Verus will coordinate and monitor the acquisition of the necessary medical records. The records are then reviewed by a dedicated team trained in the specifics of the litigation.
Claimant communication
Verus will provide front-line support for communication with claimants through a dedicated toll-free phone number and a project-specific email address. Verus will also make available a secure website portal to allow each claimant access to only their personal information. Additionally, Verus provides mailing services for letters and notices to claimants.

Verus will be attending the HarrisMartin's 3M Combat Earplugs Litigation Conference on March 07, 2019 at the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside - FL.
To set up a consultation please contact Dan Comunale, Director of Business Development, at dcomunale@verusllc.com or at 888.681.1129, or fill out the form and we will contact you.

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