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A LOOK at Johnsburg
Diane Shugrue
President & CEO
Glens Falls Hospital

Diane Shugrue is most proud of the creating a culture that values people for who they are and what they bring to the organ- ization. Forbes sited GF Hospital as 1 of 12 Best Places to Work in NYS. Everything in her career is born out of being a nurse.
Walt Lender
Sr. Vice President
Lake George Association
The merger of the Fund for Lake George and the LGA brings together the science, staff and the expertise to protect LG. Form-ing the LG Business Compact, codifies the business community and provides a louder voice in Albany and DC to protect the lake.
Slyboro Schoolhouse Rennovation
David Garvoille, Business Development Manager for Hicks Orchard utilizes his experience with Public Color to involve inner city youth in salvaging the one room school. Miriam Scribner, re-calls her experiences as a student and is 'Grandma' to the kids who have help to renovate.
Dr. Chris Woll
Medical Director
Double H Ranch

'Camp provided the self-confidence to get through the hard times'. The new Medical Director, Dr. Woll decided to pay back by specializing in pediatric medicine and becoming involved with Double H.
Miriam Weisfeld
Producing Artistic Director
Adirondack Theater Festival
Miriam has experience in telling a story and transforming from one art form to another. 'This community is welcoming and gets the value' of innova- tion and taking risks; she's delighted to be here.
Brent McDevitt
National Commercial Solar Advisors
Founder and President, Brent McDevitt dis- cusses NYSERDA incentives and ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Electric cars, charging stations, up- grades to LED lighting and transformers are
key to making the difference.

Hank's Quality Flooring
Cronin's Golf Resort
911 Remembrance Ceremony, City of Saratoga Springs
WSWHE BOCES Women in Trades
Kick-Off Event

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Southern Adirondacks, Ribbon Cutting

Krantz Cottage, Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Ribbon Cutting

World Awareness Children’s Museum International Food Festival

When recording a show, you never think about what it will mean years down the road. The people, locations, music, and content are all tributes to a specific time and place.
Well, we have a bunch of them and think that after the year we all just went through…. it’s time to smile.
We hope you enjoy this little trip down “Memory Lane”

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Women in Trades - WSWHE BOCES

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