August/September 2020
Volunteer Recognition
To our incredible volunteers, thank you all for your continued support through this challenging period. It is because of your willingness to give us your time, energy and knowledge that we have been able to meet the challenges and continue to achieve our mission! 
Below is a list of those who have generously donated their time and expertise during the months of June, July and August. Your flexibility in working with the new virtual format has been greatly appreciated!  
Sarah Anderson
Stephen Beck
Kate Becker
Christine Bergman
Soozi Bolte
Jenny Bridges
William Brislin
Marion Brown
Jenna Burton
Lori Cao
Jennifer Cecil
Janeen Cunningham
Stephanie Drieze
Stacy Eggsware
Kathy Eichelberger
Fabiola Ekleberry
Rachel Erwin
Holly Forman-Patel
Joan Freeman
Jonna Fries
Laurie Furman
Peggy Gale
Andrea Goldberg
Deborah Goodwin
Ryan Grant
Richard Greete
Leanne Harper
Reginald Harris
Marina Hewlett
Pennisue Hignell
Marcia Holland
Kelly Hurley
Erin Hwasta
Rhonda Kamai-Kekela
Cheryl Kenn
Rhonda Kildea
Paula Krentzel
Gretchen Leu
Debra Littrell
Tara May
Mary Jo McHaney
Reginald McCrae
Julie Miller
April Minjarez
Peggy Moore
Alfredo Munoz
Katy Murray
David Ogren
Ted Olejnik
Linda Ouellette
Lori Pereira
Merrill Powers
Deborah Price
Jesse Rappaport
Gemma Rivera
Cherilyn Rowland Petrie
Dorinna Ruh
Herminia Shea-Martinez
David Sherwood
Deborah Silveria
Elisabeth Slatt
Sadie Smith
Jill Strunk
Timothy Vermillion
Elizabeth West
Frazier Wilson
Beverly Wright
Congratulations to our new facilitator…
Tara May
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