3rd Annual  

"Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup"  

Sept 22 & 23, 2012   



Courtesy, Yellowstone River Cleanup                 


1. Hearsay, Rumor and Other News!
2. Need a Shuttle? It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3...4!
3. "Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup" - New for 2012!!
4. 3rd Annual "Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup"

1. Hearsay, Rumor and Other News!


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You'll also find news on environmental & conservation concerns, especially those related to water issues.


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2. Need a Shuttle? It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3...4!



Here's all you need to do to get set up:


1. Complete our Consent/Waiver form

2. Photo copy your vehicle registration and proof of insurance (pink card)

3. Give us a spare vehicle key to keep for future use

4. Book your shuttle 7-9 pm the evening before your float


For a copy of the Consent/Waiver form, please contact michelle@bowrivershuttles.com 


Advance Booking: We require ALL shuttle bookings to be done the evening before your float. Please call 7:00 - 9:00 pm. In addition, letting us know your put-in and take-out points is very important for us in planning the logistics for the next day. We do recognize that occasionally, fly fishing clients may not want to make their put-in/take-out decision until the morning. We will provide flexibility for that. However, we MUST know the evening before that you are going to need a shuttle.

Shuttle Rates:


Regular boat launches: $40.00 to $106.00


Private shuttles: from $53.00, $85.00 & $127.00.



3. "Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup" - New for 2012!!


Courtesy, Yellowstone River Cleanup 


This year, five volunteer fly fishing drift boat participants in the "Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup" will receive a special package of items that have been generously donated by several local sponsors.


Each package will contain:


Tim Hortons: $5.00 breakfast/coffee certificate

Paw's N Wheel Wash: $15.00 car/boat wash certificate

Safeway: $10 deli lunch certificate

Coop: $10 deli lunch certificate

Spolumbo's: $50 box lunch certificate


In addition, one of the five participants will also receive:


Kingsboro Auto Service: Oil Change certificate (value approx. $50.00)



To qualify to have your name in the draw:


1. Register for the 'Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup' by contacting michelle@bowrivershuttles.com Michelle will send you the Liability Waiver and the Individual Data Card. 


2. Take some garbage bags on your float trip this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.


3. After the cleanup, submit your Liability Waiver and Individual Data Card to Michelle.


4. Provide a photo that includes you and/or your fly fishing party, along with your boat and your collected trash.


5. Five names will be drawn from those who participate in this special event.  


For more information about the "Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup", please see item #4 just below.




Tim Hortons. Owner Dave. Aveneda Place, Macleod Tr SW (next to Fish Tales Fly Shop)


Paws N' Wheel Wash: Owner Jeff Gottfredsen. Douglas Square at Deerfoot. Many drift boat owners already swing by here after their Bow River float trips.


Safeway: Mgr Maureen Asselin. Lake Bonavista Shopping Centre (between Anderson Rd SE & Canyon Meadows Dr SE). On the way to 22X boat launch.


Coop: Mgr Susan, Asst Mgr Wendy. Deer Valley Shopping Centre, Canyon Meadows Drive SE & Bow Bottom Trail SE. On the way to 22X boat launch.


Spolumbo's: Co-Owner Tony Spolotini, 1308 9 Ave SE (Inglewood). Well known for providing box lunches for drift boaters over the years.


Kingsboro Auto Service: Owner/Operator Hank Izaak. 4674 MacLeod Tr SW. Kingsboro handles all manner of vehicle repair work, as well as maintenance and repair of boat trailer wheel bearings. Hank and his crew have been looking after our personal and business vehicles since September 1972. Yes, that's 40 years!


Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Alberta 2011 Facts 



4. 3rd Annual "Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup"

Courtesy, Yellowstone River Cleanup


Love your shoreline, love your community



Join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup


The 3rd Annual "Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup"


September 22 & 23, 2012


The Bow River, between Calgary and Carseland, has a well deserved reputation in the fly fishing community of being a world class "blue ribbon" trout stream.


However, there are some who float the Bow who seem oblivious to this, and who treat our river as a garbage dump.


One long time fly fisher, Peter C., sent us a fishing report. At the end of his report, he wrote:


"It is disappointing to see all the trash left by weekend floaters - broken glass, food hampers and left over float tubes and clothing.  My dog was lucky not to cut his feet. I wonder what the landowners think? Will we get banned from using the river bank?  


By the time I reached McKinnon's I had a garbage bag full of junk.  It just p--s me off to see the abuse of the river bank.  All we seem to be able to do is pick up other people's trash."


Courtesy: Yellowstone River Cleanup


We invite all Bow River fly fishers to join hands in a "Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup" (GCSC) event scheduled for the weekend of Sept 22 & 23 - The 3rd Annual "Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup".


Take along a pair of canvass gloves, a few garbage bags and a pen or pencil on your float trip that weekend. See if you can match Peter C.'s efforts by leaving your reach of river a little bit cleaner that you found it on that particular day.


This event applies to any section of the river, from the Glenmore Trail/Graves Landing boat launch to Johnson's Island at Carseland Weir.


To be part of this event, GCSC asks each participant for two things:


1.   All participants MUST sign the Liability Waiver


2.    Participants fill out and submit their Individual Data Card, which is a record of what garbage was picked up.


After your participation in this event, please scan and email your completed Liability Waiver forms and Individual Data Cards to michelle@bowrivershuttles.com.


As the volunteer "GCSC Site Coordinator" for this event, I will compile the results from the Data Cards into the Group Summary Card and submit that to GCSC.


We encourage everyone who is planning to be on the Bow River on the weekend to make of point of signing up and being part of this national campaign!


To register for this event, please contact me with your interest as soon as possible. I will send you the Liability Waiver form and the Individual Data Card.


Finally, here is a link to our 'Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup' GCSC page: Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup 


Thank you.


Kindest regards,

Michelle Magotiaux


The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is the largest cleanup in Canada and one of the largest cleanups in the world contributing to the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup. Since inception of the program, nearly one million kilograms of shoreline litter has been removed from our fragile ecosystem.


Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Website 


Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup on Facebook 


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