What a day! As we put the final touches on another successful 1Club Charity Classic, we want to take a minute and thank everyone who was involved in making this tournament a great success. From all of our agents, carriers, industry partners and friends, everyone truly did a wonderful job to make this an amazing experience for all.

We would like to point out our wonderful sponsors for this years' tournament; they are a huge part of our success and we want to thank each one of them:

  • Atlantic Casualty
  • 3 Trees Drafting
  • AmTrust
  • Century Surety
  • Fast Signs of Englewood
  • One Beacon
  • The Ahbe Group
  • Conquer Risk Management
  • Koko Fit Club
  • Iceberg Back Office Management
  • Sari Ross
  • PIIAC - Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado
  • Hartford Steam Boiler
  • Colorado Association of Home Builders
  • Builders Insurance Group
  • Elite Roofing
  • Insurance Specialty Group
  • Moody Insurance Agency

We were able to raise $7,620 for HomeAid Colorado to help support them with their mission to fight homelessness in our community.

Thank you to everyone and we can't wait to see you next year!

-WestPac and Virtus
Yeti Cooler Winner
Gary Rimler - Dempsey and Siders
Putting Contest Winner
Ben Hoffer
Yellow Ball Winners - Koko FitClub
TJ Manuello
Ernie Krauth
Ryan Davis
Nick Mearsha
Most Honest Team - Diversified Commercial

Veta Enright
Paul Rising
Mark Rising
Liela Roche

2nd Place Team - 3 Trees Drafting / RSS / WestPac

Derrek Freeseman
Travis Attardo
Darin Kraft
Jared Boring

Winning Team - Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
Jeff McGimsey
Auni McGimsey
Ian McKean
Mike Schliep
HomeAid Colorado

Cindy Bell, Executive Director
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