Third Quarter Report 2013



Today marks World Food Day! This is a day aimed at increasing awareness about the prevalence of hunger, as well as to honor and support the work being implemented across the globe to improve food security for millions of vulnerable people. 

Here are some facts:
  • An estimated 870 million people are hungry.
  • A third of all deaths in children under the age of five in developing countries are linked to undernutrition.  
  • In our effort to fight hunger, HRI has provided 1,458,000 meals to 2,450 orphans and vulnerable children so far this year. 
Together, we can do more. You are part of the solution.
Get involved and make a big impact for vulnerable children and their communities by joining HRI's 
For as little as $1 a day, Partners for Progress empower positive and lasting change for a child by supporting projects that improve access to nutrition, education, and clean water, while minimizing environmental and health hazards. 
In the spirit of World Food Day, we ask you to
ACT NOW and become a part of the movement to end hunger and extreme poverty. Please help to spread the word and join us as a Partner for Progress today.


Many thanks for your continued support!

Rachel Zelon
Hunger Relief International

*Facts sourced from The World Food Programme*

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